Woke Tennis Fans Furious That Russian Flags Were Spotted At The Australian Open; Tournament Bows To The Mob

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Some tennis fans were incredibly triggered that Russian flags were spotted at the Australian Open.

Tennis Australia swiftly and predictably bowed to the mob after an ‘incident’ occurred during a match on Monday between Ukraine’s Kateryna Baindl and Russia’s Kamilla Rakhimova.

The ‘incident’ involved a fan holding a Russian flag courtside during the match. It couldn’t have been too big of a distraction for Baindl, however, as she won the match over her Russian counterpart.

Tennis Australia reversed its initial policy of allowing flags after the ‘incident’ during the Rakhimova – Baindl match. The ban also came after Vasyl Myroshnychenko, ambassador of Ukraine to Australia and New Zealand, condemned the Russian flag being on display.

Again, a Russian was playing in this match:

On TV broadcasts, Russian and Belarusian flags were already not being shown next to those players’ names who hail from the two countries. Russians and Belarusians are playing under a ‘neutral flag’ as they have been since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Another Russian flag was spotted during Russian Daniil Medvedev’s match against Marcos Giron on Monday. Medvedev was offered to sign his country’s flag and did.


The Russian embassy in Australia accused tournament officials of giving into “overt and rather arrogant political manipulation” in response to the ban on flags. 

“On top of already discriminating against Russian tennis players with its ‘neutral flag’ policy, Tennis Australia now went further by making sure they can not be visibly supported by their fans,” the embassy said in a statement, via Reuters.

Russian and Belarusian players have been banned from competing in some tournaments around the world, but that isn’t a severe-enough punishment according to some.

These people who are outraged over flags are among the woke group of folks who claim to be tolerable and forgiving yet want anyone, especially athletes, born in Russia and Belarus to suffer because of their government’s decisions.

Woke Tennis Fans Triggered By A Russian Flag

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