Italian Tennis Player Accused Of Acquiring Fake Vaccine Card Ahead Of Australian Open

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Italian tennis player Camila Giorgi, ranked 66th in the world, is denying allegations that she obtained a fake COVID-19 vaccine certificate allowing her to travel ahead of the Australian Open.

Dr. Daniela Grillone alleged in an interview that Giorgi and some of her family members had not received the vaccine, but instead received a fake certificate. Giorgi’s name was among a long list of other athletes and celebrities that allegedly received a bogus vaccination card.

“Shortly before the beginning of summer, [Giorgi] had come asking for the possibility of obtaining false proof of all the mandatory vaccines, as well as the COVID vaccine,” the doctor explained. “I can confirm with absolute certainty that none of the vaccines against the Giorgi family have actually been administered.”

Grillone was arrested in February 2022 for providing shots with fake serums while also providing fake vaccine cards to high-profile Italians.

Camila Giorgi has three career professional titles. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

After knocking off Anatasia Pavlyuchenkova on Tuesday, Giorgi confirmed that she visited the particular doctor in question but that she did nothing wrong.

“I just did all my vaccination in different places, so the trouble is hers, not me,” she said. “So with that, I’m very calm. Of course, if not, I couldn’t come here and play this tennis, I think.”

Giorgi was grilled by local reporters following her win on Tuesday. One reporter even asked her if she would take another vaccine “just in case” the one she received wasn’t legitimate.

Australia lifted its vaccination requirements for visitors in July 2022, therefore participants in this year’s Australian Open participants did not have to be vaccinated, hence Novak Djokovic being allowed to play this year after being deported from the country last year.

With that being said, Camila Giorgi played in tournaments last year where her vaccination status may have been an issue. She made it to the third round of the Aussie Open last year and played in the U.S. Open as well, two tournaments that banned unvaccinated individuals a year ago.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. The “vaccine” = poison. It is painfully obvious that this is about power and global domination, not health or science. She’s a good player and pretty hot. Tennis needs her a lot more than she needs tennis .

  2. The stupidity of the trashmedia, beat up a ‘story’ about a requirement that doesn’t exist, double down with braindead questions like ‘ are you going to take an irrelevant jab on top of everything you say you have, even though you can play without one?’
    In unrelated news, the tennis player, at the Open, won a match, the point of her being there and noone asked her at the press conference she had to mandatorily attend to promote the Open!
    Someday sportspeople will be interviewed about sport, not holding my breath though with so many irrelevant Alphabet trashmedia accreditations!

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