Insane Video Shows Russian Fighter Jets Taking Down American Drone

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Video has been released of Russian jets destroying an American drone.

A pair of Su-27 Russian fighter jets dumped fuel Wednesday on an MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea, and one of the Russian fighters eventually rammed the drone’s propeller to bring it down.

Now, video of the incident is out, and the footage is nothing short of remarkable. In the film footage, you can clearly see the jets douse the drone in fuel, and then you can very briefly see what looked like a Russian jet clip the propeller.

Then, the feed went dead. It’s just the latest crazy incident from the war in Ukraine. Check out the absurd video below.

Russia is playing a dangerous game.

Ever since Russia crossed the border and invaded Ukraine, Russia has been out of control. The amount of carnage, death and suffering inflicted by the Putin regime is nothing short of horrific and appalling.

Now, a pair of Russian fighter jets took down an American Reaper drone. To be clear, the drone was in international airspace.

It wasn’t over Ukrainian or Russian airspace. If it had been, that would certainly change the dynamics of the situation. However, it was in international airspace, and the Putin regime had no right to touch it.

Russian jets took down an American drone. (Photo by United States European Command/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Messing with the United States isn’t a great idea in any capacity, and it’s never a good idea when it comes to our military.

Politics aside, our military is untouchable. The antiques we have in museums are better tech than a lot of what Russia has in the air right now.

American drone destroyed by Russian jets. (Photo by United States European Command/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Does Putin really want this smoke?

Do they really want to throw stones at the most powerful military in the world? I doubt it. For further contrast, Russia has 21 fifth generation fighters, according to publicly available information. The United States has somewhere north of 700. That information actually used to be online, but it looks like it’s no longer available.

That’s at least a 33.3:1 ratio up in the sky, and that’s just between the United States and Russia. I’m not even including NATO. A conventional conflict between NATO and Russia could result in 1,000:1 casualties, according to Peter Zeihan. The gap is comical.

Video released of Russian fighter jets taking down American drone. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Fortunately, it’s just a drone and there’s no need to overreact. Nobody wants WWIII, and Russia damn sure doesn’t want it.

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