Russell Wilson’s Hair Mousse Rubs Channing Crowder Wrong Way

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Should Broncos QB Russell Wilson and former NFL LB Channing Crowder cross paths, they’ll likely find themselves in a sticky situation, largely because of Wilson’s choice of hair product.

“I know guys I wanna hang with. I don’t wanna hang with Russ because he put mousse in his hair, he slick it sideways, he ain’t my type of dude,” Crowder said during a recent episode of the popular podcast he co-hosts, The Pivot.

Crowder has long taken issue with Wilson for what he perceives as a lack of masculinity. With training camps in full swing and the preseason having already kicked off, Crowder decided to get a few more reps in against Wilson.


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Upon hearing guest, and Wilson teammate, Patrick Surtain II, tell he and his co-hosts that Wilson is a cool guy who regularly plays R&B in the Denver locker room, Crowder responded: “I don’t wanna be soothing. I’m about to go fight a big motherf*cker, trying to hit me in the head.”

Maybe a little mousse would deter those big motherf*ckers?

Just a thought.

Crowder, who spent six seasons as a linebacker with the Dolphins, then took aim at the way the 33-year-old Wilson enters the building. “I can just look at a dude from afar and tell,” Crowder said. “I see how he gets out of the car. He don’t even slam his feet to get out the car. He rolls his heels to get out the car.”

In other words, let’s ride – slowly and cautiously.

Channing Crowder
November 2010: Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder #52 during the NFL regular season game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders at Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA. (c/o Getty).

It’s a shame Crowder is retired and doesn’t have the chance to meet Wilson on the field. It would’ve be interesting to see if he’d have been able to chase down the shifty QB, or if Wilson (and his hair) would be too slick.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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