Russell Okung Unrecognizable After Weight Loss Following Yet Another Water Diet

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Since stepping away from the NFL after the 2020 season, former defensive lineman Russell Okung has undergone one of the wildest body transformations we’ve ever seen. The once very large lineman has now lost over 150 pounds since calling it quits thanks to a miserable-sounding water diet.

Okung weighed in at 310 pounds at one point during his NFL career, but last month revealed he had lost 102 pounds since his last game in the league. Those 102 pounds clearly weren’t enough in his mind so he decided to drop another 50 pounds since then.

The two-time Pro Bowler posted side-by-side photos to Instagram showing just how much weight he dropped over a 40-day, water-only fasting stretch.

Anyone who has the will to go on a 40-day water fast is an extremely disciplined person, so it’s no surprise that Okung stuck to his word about going on that adventure again after talking about his first dramatic weight loss.

In June, Okung explained that the first time through was largely about weight loss, but said that he was going to do it again at a later date because it was so rewarding. It appears that later date was just a few days away on the calendar.

“As an elite athlete, I was always told to eat big, stay strong. I never questioned it. But breaking away, embracing fasting, it changed everything. I’m not just lighter in weight; I’m lighter in spirit,” Okung explained.

“The benefits are profound. Clearer skin, better digestion, improved mental focus, even my joint pain has decreased. My journey hasn’t been just about shedding pounds; it’s also about shedding old habits and old ways of thinking.”

“Fasting opened a door to a healthier, happier me. It gave me control back.”

As for what Okung’s water diet consists of? Well, it’s water, specifically six bottles per day, and nothing else.

Written by Mark Harris

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