Royals’ Amir Garrett Throws Up After Facing One Batter And Striking Him Out Looking

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Kansas City Royals lefty Amir Garrett had to be taken out of Monday’s game against the Chicago White Sox early, but not before he unloaded the contents of his stomach all over the field.

Garrett was brought into the game in the seventh inning with the Royals leading 12-4. He faced just one batter — Elvis Andrus — and struck him out looking. However, after facing Andrus, Garrett needed some assistance and the team’s trainer visited him on the mound. Then as he was walking back to the dugout, he unloaded.

You heard the gasp from the crowd after Garrett was revisited by his pregame meal. It was the sound of thousands losing their appetite all at once.

Had Garrett Stayed In It Could’ve Been An All-Time Performance

That’s just awful. No one wants to puke in front of anyone ever. At best, you want a private meeting between yourself and the ol’ porcelain bowl. Poor Amir Garrett was ralphing in front of the crowd in KC (a small one, but still a crowd) and the viewers at home.

I’m sure he wasn’t feeling too great (duh), but I can’t help but feel like we were deprived of what could have been one of the greatest boot-and-rallies in sports history. Garrett had his stuff on Monday night. He faced one batter and handed him a backward “K” on the scoresheet. It would’ve been cool to see him come back from hurling to strike out a few more batters.

Although, after you spew in front of thousands of people, you’re probably more concerned with retreating to the serenity of the clubhouse than adding to your strikeout totals.

He can come back from this. I mean, if President George H.W. Bush can come back from puking on the Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa (which really happened, by the way. Read a few more articles here on OutKick, then go look it up) Amir Garrett can return from barfing on the mound.

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