Roman Reigns Responds To Young Wrestling Fan Going Viral For Cursing Off Dad

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WWE wrestler Roman Reigns doesn’t break his heel character, even on the Internet.

The longest-running WWE Universal Champion took ‘kayfabe’ to the next level by hilariously quote tweeting a video of a young fan losing his mind after a recent Reigns victory.


Kayfabe is a wrestling term that is used when something that is staged is meant to come across as real and authentic. AKA, Roman Reigns being an a-hole in wrestling, and in real life as well.

The now-viral video shows the young kid reacting to his father celebrating Reigns victory over Cody Rhodes this past weekend at WrestleMania 39.

The kid – clearly a Reigns hater, goes from being stunned that Reigns actually won (many believed Cody would) into then just becoming MAD. So much so that exclaims “this is bullshit!” before stomping away.

“Helping fathers teach life lessons all around the world. Life’s not fair,” Reigns hilariously tweeted above the video.

Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, you’ve got to hand it to the father.

The fact that he was patiently waiting, hoping that Cody Rhodes would lose so he could BUST OUT THE DAMN CONFETTI just to troll his son is damn funny.

What an ultimate dad move.

A father celebrates with confetti as his son is upset over wrestling. (Twitter: @chadwood)

The father was pushing his son’s buttons just enough to make him go berserk. You just know that the kid was stomping around and furious the whole night. Probably refused to go to bed on a school night and went from being mad, to then crying once he realized he was in trouble. The whole meltdown.

Meanwhile Reigns continues to torment wrestling fans. Even as many wonder if he is ever going to lose after holding the Universal Championship for a record-setting 949 days.

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