Spooky ‘Rocky Top’ Plays At Neyland Stadium, Fans Go Crazy

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Tennessee fans went wild Saturday night at Neyland Stadium when a little different version of “Rocky Top” was played.

Ahead of the Halloween weekend game against Kentucky, an incredibly sinister and spooky remix of “Rocky Top” was released by Miles Kredich, and people wondered all week whether or not anyone would have the guts and energy to blast it over the sound system.

Well, fans got their answer Saturday night, and it was an absolutely epic moment hearing the scary as all hell voice come out of the speakers.

Absolutely awesome moment for Tennessee Volunteers fans. That was chilling in the best way possible, and you can tell people loved it.

The place went absolutely wild when the spooky version came on. There was definitely a deafening roar throughout Neyland Stadium.

It’s actually a bit stunning the Volunteers actually played the song. It started off as just some viral trend on TikTok and Twitter.

I know people were really keeping their fingers crossed it would happen, but I’m not sure anyone actually believed Tennessee would do it.

Well, the Volunteers did and it lit the crowd on fire. It was the perfect way to start a Halloween weekend game against an SEC East rival.

Tennessee fans went crazy for spooky “Rocky Top” version. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/BrandonMoyers/status/1586497341531381762)

Whoever made the decision to play the spooky “Rocky Top” version deserves a massive raise. One of the coolest things we’ve seen all season long. Another example of why college football remains undefeated.

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