Robert Griffin III Questioned By Wife After Eating Chicken Live On TV

Robert Griffin III was roasted by his wife, Grete, after housing a plate full of chicken on Monday night. Grete had no issue with RGIII’s choice for dinner, she just didn’t necessarily approve of where he did his dining.

Griffin III chose to gobble up the bird on live TV. The former NFL quarterback indulged during a segment of ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown,” which aired ahead of the Commanders – Eagles game.

“Are you eating chicken on live TV?,” Grete tweeted at her husband along with a couple of crying laughing emojis and video of his feast.

I mean, it’s a fair question. But RGIII wasn’t alone. Co-hosts Booger McFarland and Steve Young joined Griffin in the on-air chicken feast. And NFL Insider Adam Schefter seemed likely to soon join them.

But Mrs. Griffin didn’t care about them. Her curiosity was directed solely at her man. To that, RGIII simply replied via Twitter: “Yep.”

Possible Cause For Concern?

It’s unlikely Grete Griffin was overly upset by chicken-gate. But if she were bothered by the act, it may not be the fact that her man was housing the bird on-air. Maybe it’s what he was eating that had her feathers ruffled.

Grete is a fitness trainer who might not approve of fried chicken, especially late night.

RGIII And Grete Married In 2018

Should Robert Griffin III get his wish, the next time Grete watches him eat chicken at a Commanders game will be from the owner’s box. Having spent four seasons in Washington, and with at least part of the team up for sale, RGIII has expressed interest in owning the Commanders.

Earlier this month he asked ” Who wants to be a Minority owner the Washington Commanders,” on Twitter. He then added: “I’m down to pay for a stake in the team and bring 10 fans along for the ride.”

Sounds like a potentially tasty investment.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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