RG3’s Wife, Grete Griffin, Calls Out ‘Thirsty Women’ Who Are Sending DMs To Her Husband

Based on his track record, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that RG3’s social media is managed by his wife Grete Griffin, and she wants all you thirsty women to know she’s watching every move.

In what can be described as a stay off my turf warning shot, Grete made it clear she’s not about to find herself in the same situation as Griffin’s first wife, Rebecca Liddicoat. You might remember that RG3 met Grete Griffin on Instagram seven months after Liddicoat gave birth to a baby girl.

Eventually, Rebecca found out about Grete, and then came the separation, divorce, and RG3’s eventual marriage to his Instagram sidepiece in 2018.

Now it’s Grete playing defense.

“Thirsty women in my husbands DM’s not knowing I run his social media,” Grete warned on TikTok.

“The joke’s on you,” Mrs. Griffin, who ran track at Florida State when she first met RG3, added. The couple is currently expecting their third child together, another girl.

“Didn’t you slide into his DMs while he was still married?” an Instagram user fired back.

That’s a great response. Let’s get an answer to this one.

“(G)et your facts straight before you come commenting on my page. No, I did not,” Grete responded.

OK, so it was RG3 that went shopping while married back in the day? Got it.

This whole thing where the wife manages the social media channels reminds me of the joint husband and wife Facebook accounts where the couples will sign their posts, except in this case, it appears Grete is the main driving force behind the RG3 brand.

Something is clearly fishy here.

Why do I get the feeling RG3 has a burner phone to talk golf and bourbon with his buddies? Guys need an escape, Grete. Let RG3 live a little bit.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

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