Robert Griffin III Makes On-Air Slip Offensive To Black People

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Quarterback-turned-ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III had an unfortunate slip while on-air ahead of Monday Night Football.

While seated alongside his colleagues, RGIII was discussing unwarranted criticisms of Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. In the midst of doing so, he became so worked up that he awkwardly dropped a term that is offensive to black people.

“People said that Jalen Hurts couldn’t get it done. He could not operate from the pocket,” said Griffin. “He’s not the quarterback of the future. I think he proved all those jigaboos wrong.”


Robert Griffin III Has Since Clarified

Merriam-Webster describes the term jigaboo as “an insulting and contemptuous term for a black person.” RGIII obviously regrets the slip and admitted as much after Monday’s game. He quickly clarified his intentions in a tweet stating in part: “THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT TO SAY.”

Prior to RGIII’s apology, social media had a field day with his slip, which was arguably the most interesting part of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown.

RGIII Has Been An On-Air Content Machine

This isn’t the first time this fall that Robert Griffin III’s on-air actions have gone viral. But, unlike those other instances, chances are he wants this one back. Less than a month ago, Griffin III was roasted by his wife for eating fried chicken on-air during another Monday Night Countdown broadcast.

Robert Griffin III had an on-air slip up Monday night. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images).

A few weeks later he made a subtle reference to he and his broadcast partner’s skin color while on-air during “Black Friday.”

There was also a reference to “an orgy in the end zone” following an early-season Michigan Wolverines touchdown.

That’s just a handful of the eyebrow-raising and often laugh-inducing commentary RGIII’s provided throughout the last few months. Just about every week the former quarterback drops a dime into the laps of viewers.

On Monday night, however, he clearly missed his intended receiver.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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