Panthers Robbie Anderson Reacts To His Old, Negative Post About Baker Mayfield Following Trade

The Baker Mayfield era in Cleveland finally came to an end on Wednesday when the Browns shipped the QB to the Carolina Panthers for a 2024 fifth-round draft pick.

Shortly after news broke about the trade, many NFL fans immediately turned their focus to one of Mayfield’s new wide receivers, Robbie Anderson. Fans weren’t imagining what sort of QB-WR combo they could become, but how Anderson reacted to Mayfield being traded to his team given his history with the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Back in April of this year, a Panthers fan account on Instagram posted a report stating that Carolina was the ideal trade destination for Mayfield. Anderson saw the post and commented “Nooooo.”

That same account then posted another graphic saying Anderson didn’t want to play with Mayfield, to which Anderson quickly commented “Facts” underneath that one.

Anderson quickly jumped on social media following the news of the trade to walk back his old, negative comments about Mayfield. He shared a video with the caption “I don’t have an issue with Baker stop tryna paint that narrative.”

Robbie Anderson Spins His Old Comments About Baker Mayfield

Writing “Facts” under a post suggesting that you didn’t want to play with Mayfield paints a pretty clear picture, but Anderson is spinning that into him just defending his quarterback at the time, Sam Darnold.

“I said what I said,” Anderson said when initially asked by reporters about his comments under the Mayfield posts. “That’s just my thinking out loud, my thoughts. Just trying to be a good teammate to my quarterback [Sam Darnold]. That’s it. Just trying to defend a guy who is my quarterback in a sense. That’s it.”

You can always fall back on the “just trying to be a good teammate” strategy as a professional athlete, as Anderson did. At the end of the day, though, this is just another lesson that commenting on social media is never a good idea.

Written by Mark Harris


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      • That’s 800 yards and just under 5 TDs a year, in a pass happy league. For a guy who thinks he’s a WR1. By comparison, those are the numbers Rob Gronkowski put up last year, in 12 games, and near-identical numbers to Jamison Crowder, his Jets teammate, or Kenny Stills, eternal WR3. Its a joke that he thinks he can call anyone out.

  1. Problem with social media is that the dumb stuff we used to say to the guy next to us at the bar – who couldn’t remember what we said 5 minutes later – now sticks around forever.

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