Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Shares Powerful Memorial Day Message: ‘Give Them A Toast’

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Rob O’Neill wants Americans around the country to drink a beer for Memorial Day and remember those who never made it home.

Memorial Day and the weekend leading into it is a serious time for the families of fallen heroes and people who simply hold the military in high regard.

However, some people treat it as nothing more than an extended vacation. Some people don’t seem to understand why we have a holiday weekend right now. Should you be sad? Should you be happy? Can you do both?

O’Neill, who famously removed Osama Bin Laden’s brain from his skull with three bullets to the face, believes the men who never made it home would want you to drink a beer and enjoy the time off.

“All my friends that were killed in combat, they would want you to have the day off…On Monday when you crack that first cold one, raise it up to the sky, give them a toast and they’ll toast right back to you. They’d want you to have it,” the former SEAL Team 6 member said on a recent episode of “The Operator” podcast.

Rob O’Neill’s Memorial Day advice is correct.

There’s no question Rob O’Neill’s advice for how to treat Memorial Day and this weekend is correct. I actually tweeted the exact same thing Friday night.

We shouldn’t simply be sad that American heroes are gone. We should be grateful such amazing patriots ever existed in the first place.

Memorial Day is a somber event, but it’s not just a somber event. It’s a day to remember and be grateful for all the men and women who put on the uniform, deployed knowing damn well what could happen and never made it home.

They’re lives are worth honoring, but simply being sad doesn’t do them justice. I’ve had the honor of getting to know some amazing patriots over the years, including Rob, and I can promise you if the fallen were still with us, they’d be cracking cold ones open with the rest of us.

There’s no doubt about it. They lived exciting lives, had families, engaged in debauchery with friends and the best way to honor them is to live a life worth dying for.

Memorial Day is a powerful day for everyone in America. (Photo by Stefan Zaklin/ Getty Images)

So, definitely raise a beer this weekend to everyone who never made it back. They deserve it.

Written by David Hookstead

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