Rob Gronkowski Makes It Clear He’s Against Men Competing In Women’s Sports

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Rob Gronkowski doesn’t want to see men dominate and destroy women’s sports.

The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE was on Capitol Hill Tuesday when he was asked by the Daily Caller if men should be allowed to compete against women.

The four-time Super Bowl champion initially looked a little taken aback by the question before emphatically shaking his head no while laughing.

You can watch Gronk’s comical reaction below.

Rob Gronkowski is against men destroying women’s sports.

You can add Gronk to the growing list of people who are against women’s sports being ruined by men. It feels like a breaking point has been reached in the transgender athlete debate.

You can probably pin it back to Lia Thomas, a biological man, competing for Penn’s women’s swim team and absolutely destroying the competition.

Lia Thomas gained a ton of attention, and people who otherwise might not have cared, started vocally pushing back.

Rob Gronkowski is against men competing in women’s sports. It seems like a breaking point was hit because of Lia Thomas. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The American public also agrees with Rob Gronkowski that men shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s sports. Nearly 70% of people think athletes should be required to compete against people of the same sex they were born.

How many other issues do nearly 70% of Americans agree on? There aren’t many, but being against men dominating and destroying women’s sports has broad support.

Of course, there are also famous people who are all for men coming and crushing women’s sports. Megan Rapinoe is all for a transgender woman – a biological man – playing against women in soccer now that it can’t impact her career. Funny how that works.

Rob Gronkowski doesn’t believe men should compete against women in sports. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Props to Gronk for having the courage to make his feelings clear. It feels like more and more people are finally willing to speak out against the insanity going on.

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