Rob Gronkowski Insists ‘I Could Help Tom Brady’

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Could we have ANOTHER reunion between Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady?

The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end revealed that he and Brady could dominate once again, but in the broadcast booth.

“That would be a great team to have him here at FOX,” Gronkowski told USA Today Sports. “You know, he’s a commentator, I’m an analyst. We’re going back and forth a little bit to each each other. That would be a lot of fun.”

Gronkowski is currently a FOX studio analyst. 

“That may be the best option,” Gronkowski added. “He’s a free agent. He can weigh out every option, whatever team he wants to play for, or if he wants to go in that booth and come join me, and we can be the tag team champions in the world.”


When Brady initially retired this past offseason for just 40 days, he signed an absolute monster FOX Sports broadcast deal worth a reported 10-years and $375 million. The contract is still there, FOX is just waiting for Brady to retire for good.

The 7x Super Bowl Champion is set to become a free agent after what has been a rough season for him both on and off the field.


Brady’s Bucs sit at a disappointing 6-7 this season; not exactly what he wanted to come back for. However, they can still make the playoffs because the NFC South is horrible and they currently sit in first place.

Meanwhile, Brady has been battling a highly publicized divorce with Giselle Bundchen that appears to be affecting the quarterback at times.

And when someone is going through some difficult personal times, what’s the one thing they do? They reach out to their friends to help them get by.

Enter Rob Gronkowski.

Unfortunately for Bucs fans, it doesn’t appear it’ll be happening at Raymond James Stadium.

Tom Brady will be a free agent once again after this season. (Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

Brady’s FOX Sports broadcast deal is for him to become an NFL analyst for the network. Personally, I’d love for him to do that and some sort of ManningCast spin off with him and Gronk. Those two slamming back some beers and talking football and God knows what else would be content gold. Everyone loves Gronk because he’s such a wildcard and you never know what he’s going to do next.

Gronk is also probably the one person that can get Brady out of his shell.

FOX – make the GronkBrady simulcast happen and please give me a referral fee for the genius idea.

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