Road Rage Incident Spills Into A New Jersey Buffet Causing Complete Chaos As Customers Get Involved In The Brawl

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A quiet night at the Flaming Grill & Buffet in New Jersey last month quickly turned into complete chaos. A road rage incident followed some customers through the front doors and ended up spilling into the restaurant.

Newly released video of that fight shows people inside of the restaurant enjoying what appeared to be a peaceful night out. That all changed when an argument broke out near the front entryway. It doesn’t take long for the argument, apparently from a road rage incident, to escalate and turn physical.

Road Rage New Jersey Buffet Brawl
A road rage incident leads to a brawl at a buffet (Image Credit: News 12 New Jersey)

There are a few customers, and maybe an employee, that run over and end up getting involved in the action. Action that includes a champagne bottle being swung around along with plenty of flying fists.

The group of more than a half a dozen sends some customers running for safety, while others stop eating to watch the fight unfold. During the brawl plates and people hit the floor, with at least one guy losing his shoe.

The champagne bottle and fists connect multiple times throughout the brief, but entirely out of control scene. When the footage ends there are people and plates all over the entire front of the restaurant.

The incident, which took place back on May 13, has caused the buffet’s business to slow down according to the manager Tammy Stevens.

She thinks there’s a false narrative on social media that is causing the dip in customers paying the restaurant a visit. She spoke with News 12 to set the record straight on that.

Go To The Buffet For The Food, Stay For The Wild Brawl

Stevens says none of her employees were involved in the incident and no weapons were used during the brawl. She said, “We just want people to know it’s a very safe place to come…people don’t have clarity on really what happened.”

While no weapons were used, two people were treated for injuries. 57-year-old Dean John Hughes was also arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

According to police, he struck two people with a champagne bottle during the brawl. Which to be fair to the manager might have been used as a weapon, but isn’t actually a weapon.

The drop in business makes absolutely no sense. Who doesn’t like dinner and a show? Which minus the customers who decided to get involved, is all that this was for everyone else.

Written by Sean Joseph

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