Ric Flair, Mike Tyson Tag-Team Marijuana Business That Could Be Highly Successful

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Just when you thought Ric Flair was done making headlines for awhile, the 16-time world champion now has teamed up with Mike Tyson to bring marijuana lovers the “Ric Flair Drip.” According to a recent interview with the New York Post, the two heavyweight champions are joining forces to launch the new product.

It was first announced back in April that Flair would be getting into the cannabis business, but now he’s launching his product under the Tyson 2.0 brand. His ‘Drip’ will hit the shelves in October, only in states that currently allow it.

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According to the the announcement, you will be able to purchase pre-rolled joints, along with edibles that are called ‘WOOOOO Chews’, which really get to the point. According to the website, you can also purchase ‘infused blunts’ and also ‘trading card pouches’ to store your goods.

Ric Flair thanks the crowd following his final match.

Mike Tyson partnered with Verano, which is a multi-state cannabis distributor, already making a fortune off his product. Think of this new venture like a college athlete getting an NIL deal, but not legal in all states. Adding the Ric Flair name to the weed products, while also having him make appearances and hold an inhale experiences, will only boost sales.

According to the interview, the company will first launch in October in Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois, before expanding to other states.

Flair released a statement to coincide with the launch.

“WOOOOO! I’m so thrilled to bring Ric Flair Drip Cannabis products to TYSON 2.0 fans,”

Ric Flair
Ric Flair (Getty Images)

During his recent interview with the New York Post, Flair mentioned that he stopped taking prescription medications to help him sleep, and now relies just on the cannabis. If the returns from Mike Tyson’s deal are any indication, the ‘Ric Flair Drip’ should be very profitable.

We’ll see if the product is worth trying, so we’ll need some of our loyal followers to give us a review.

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