Plane Transporting Over 50 Rescue Dogs Crash Lands On Wisconsin Golf Course

A plane with over 50 rescue dogs on board suffered a crash landing on a Wisconsin golf course. The aircraft landed near the third hole on the Western Lakes Golf Course located 17 miles west of Milwaukee.

The Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) said the plane was carrying the at-risk adoptable dogs as part of a planned transport from New Orleans.

According to police, the plane struck a grove of trees and both wings were stripped from its body. Over 300 gallons of fuel were spilled during the crash as well.

While those details make it sound like a sad ending to the story is inevitable, that isn’t the case.

The three passengers and 56 rescue dogs aboard the plane are all expected to be completely fine. Each of the passengers and some of the dogs received only minor injuries and the dogs are expected to be put up for adoption as planned after being observed by veterinary staff.

Hopefully, all 56 of these dogs are adopted sooner rather than later. Not only were they at risk, but they’ve survived what appears to be an incredibly serious plane crash. They’ve been through a lot, to say the least.

The FAA is leading an investigation trying to determine the cause of the plane crash.

Written by Mark Harris

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