Plane Nearly Crashes Flying Through Monster Storm And The Videos Are Terrifying

A passenger plane in Paraguay flew into a severe storm Wednesday night, and the videos from inside the bird will make you sick.

An Airbus A320 found itself in a literal sh*tstorm while flying to Asuncion from Santiago de Chile late Wednesday, and the images were so jarring when it (somehow) emerged that Paraguay’s aviation body immediately launched an investigation.

I’m talking massive elevation changes, parts of the plane torn to shreds, the nose ripped off like a scene from Nightmare On Elm Street (Happy Halloween!), and the motor gone. Just gone.

All right, here you go. Buckle up.

Video: Plane nearly crashes flying through severe storm

Passenger calls airline ‘killers’ after plane goes through storm

Nightmare fuel. I HATE flying, but I suck it up and do it. But I also get on the plane feeling pretty good about the fact that our pilots WON’T go through monster storms.

I mean, it’s pretty simple, right? You have radars up there in the cockpit, and you avoid the yellow and red stuff. It’s a basic rule of thumb I abide by on I-95, and I’ve never really had a problem with it.

And yes, there was certainly some red and yellow stuff on Mr. Radar.

Did the LATAM Airlines Paraguay pilots know about the bad weather?
Maybe try to avoid this next time?

Did pilots know about bad weather?

By the way, it somehow gets worse for the pilots.

Media reports have already said that the folks in the cockpit may have been warned BEFORE TAKEOFF of the bad weather! Good luck playing dumb in that courtroom.

Anyway, one of the passengers called the Airline, LATAM, a bunch of “killers” after not only flying through the storm, but then apparently putting the folks BACK in the same storm after diverting the flight and getting a new plane.

“These from Latam are killers,” the tweet reads. “We almost went down trying to land at ASU in the middle of a brutal storm, they divert the flight to Foz, and then they put us back in the same f… storm to get to ASU at any cost. It’s criminal how they play with people’s lives.”

LATAM Airlines Paraguay flight nearly crashes in storm.
A great flight on LATAM Airlines Paraguay!

Could you imagine surviving that ordeal only to get on a new plane and flying right back into it? Nope. I’d jump out and take my chances with the fall. You already cheated death once tonight and now you’re gonna dangle the carrot in front of him again?! No thank you.

Anyway, it all sounded and looked like a ton of fun and I can’t wait until my next opportunity to spend some good, quality time 38,000 feet in the sky in a metal tube.

“We felt as if the plane was falling,” one passenger said. “When we were going to go to Asunción, we all felt that we were going to die, people began to cry and due to gravity we hit our heads on the seats.

“The experience was very traumatic. … It’s a situation that I don’t wish on anyone.”

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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