Republicans Need To Take Note Of Joe Biden’s Strategy Of Reaching Gen Z Through TikTok | Tomi Lahren

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With the help of the DNC, Biden’s handlers have enlisted 100 TikTok-ers to convince Gen-Zers he’s not old, decrepit and failing. 

And while I wish this was laughable, Gen-Zers are probably gullible enough to fall for it.

So what do we do over here on Side “Normal?” 

I’ve got some Final Thoughts.

Folks, I’m a millennial and back in my day, stage parents exploited their children the old-fashioned way — by cashing in on their singing, dancing and acting.

But times have changed. 

Now Gen-Zers with no discernible talents or skills are cashing in on the political grift and the DNC, Biden Admin and communist TikTok are happy to oblige. 

Meet TikTok stars Chris Mowrey and Harry Sisson. 

Two prominent Gen-Z TikTok influencers who want you to know, they are in fact infected with the disease known as liberalism..well at least when it pays. 

What the Republican Party doesn’t understand about gen z is we don’t like you. You claim you wanna appeal to gen z but you call us stupid, you say we’re dumb, you say we’re indoctrinated. I promise, it’s a losing strategy. And gen z is watching the Republican Party extremely closely as they destroy our environment, take rights away from women, do nothing about kids being shot in schools and if they think they can give the middle finger to our generation and get away with it, they’re sorely mistaken. 

Chris Mowrey and Harry Sisson on TikTok

Let’s all join together in a moment of silence and hope and pray that we do not have a military draft anytime soon because if so, we are royally and completely screwed. 

And while these two may look like mopey-headed One Direction knock-offs they sadly have millions of followers and that video quoted above has over 4.4 million views on Twitter. I don’t know what it has on TikTok because, as you know, I will not log onto that communist Chinese spy balloon in app-form. 


But those two nincompoops are just a couple of reportedly 100 TikTokers the Biden campaign has enlisted to push his agenda and up his cool factor. 

Oh and get this, Team Biden is reportedly throwing around the idea of giving these influencers their own briefing room at the WHITE HOUSE!

The Biden camp plus said juvenile grifters claim they are unpaid and just passionate about the Democrat cause..

Recently many people on the right have been accusing myself and Chris of being paid by the DNC and we just wanted to come on and say that’s an incredibly dumb thing to think. And look, If the DNC is handing out checks, we should be the first in line to receive them but that’s simply not happening and 

we haven’t received a dime from the DNC

And we want to make it clear. We’re perfectly happy to work with organizations that share our vision. So if someone reached out and said ‘Hey, we’re trying to make sure the environment is protected’ we would love to work with them, but we’re simply not working with the DNC and we want to reiterate that everything that’s been posted on social media is public information. 

Sisson and Mowrey

But some quick research over Federal Election Commission data shows that actually the DNC made payments of over $210K to Palette media, the talent agency that reprents…you guessed it..the wannabe Backstreet Boys Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey. 

And while I wish I could just continue to sit here and make fun of them and others like them, they wield a lot of power with young people and underestimating their reach and influence would be a mistake. 

As Republicans, Conservatives, Trumpers, Ultra Magas, whatever you wanna call us, we CANNOT ignore this and we CANNOT ignore Gen-Z or Millennial voters any longer. 

If we keep catering to old people and boomers, we will lose. If we keep thinking the RNC strategy of just throwing fancy donor dinners for rich white people will do the trick, we’re gonna find out the hard way when we lose, again. 

We MUST show up on college campuses, we MUST be active on social media. We MUST fight for the hearts and minds of young people and meet them where they are, one app at a time. 

I’ve dedicated much of my career to that very goal and y’all know I’m gonna fight like hell to reach them, but I can’t do it alone. 

Conservatives came together and tanked Bud Light sales by 26%, we should for damn sure be able to take that same energy and transfer it to our election strategy. 

If we lose in 2024 to Joe Freakin’ Biden because we refused to get crafty and play the game, we don’t deserve to continue our existence as a party. 

So get your iPhones out folks, we’ve got work to do. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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