Report: Dems’ Agenda Is Going Too Far, Even For Race Baiter Al Sharpton

Days ago, political activist and infamous grifter Reverend Al Sharpton tweeted a video of his best roboto, performed inside of Carnegie Hall.

That same day, Sharpton was keen on the gubernatorial race in Virginia between McAuliffe and Youngkin — rooting for the progressives’ guinea pig in McAuliffe.

Tuesday night happened, and the reverend is dancing no more.

On Thursday, a Washington Post report released Sharpton’s follow-up to the gubernatorial race — voicing a priority concern on his behalf and a growing majority inside the Democratic party.

According to the report, “The Rev. Al Sharpton said the election results validated concerns that some pushing for change have gone too far, alienating moderates and independents with talk of violent protests or proposals to defund police departments.”

The reverend said, “We’re going to have to engage more methodically and strategically in the process, because we could lose it all.”

Virginia’s pick for a Republican governor startled plenty of Democrats, but Al Sharpton is one of the few that got sucker-punched by the decision and actually broke out of the haze to assess where the hit came from.

Still, going too far for Rev. Sharpton is a feat on its own, considering he resurfaced in 2020 to catch falling change off the George Floyd movement. That year was most profitable for Black Lives Matter, amassing $90 million in donations.

While the pandemic year and flare-up in racial divide proved to be a solid time for Democrats to have a platform in 2020, those same promises have stumbled in reality. Parents in Virginia rejected critical race theory in the classroom, and Sharpton’s fully aware.

Instead of celebrating Winsome Sears or Jason Miyares, the reverend stays sidelined, on alert for the next public speaking pay stub.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I wish I could find video of Al marching through the NY Italian neighborhood protesting the Tawana Brawley incident. All those White Italians, throwing watermelon at him, calling him “fucking n****r go home”. Hilarious! He’s damn lucky he was flanked by an army of cops or there would be no Rev Al to speak of these days.

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