Clay Travis: Democrats All Over Are Looking At Virginia, Running Scared From Biden’s Failed Agenda

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Democrats may have won a year ago, but all of 2021 has been a constant headache for Dems by sharing Joe Biden’s reputation as president. So far.

On Tuesday, the nation got to witness a microcosm of the liberal agenda championed by the Biden administration when Democrat Terry McAuliffe was defeated in Virginia by Republican Glenn Youngkin for the governor’s seat. McAuliffe ran his campaign on key progressive bullet points, including silencing parents in classrooms and relying on the Never Trump narrative.

Instead, his opponent won the gubernatorial election and Democrats were put on notice: follow the agenda and lose, or try something new and stay aboard.

OutKick founder Clay Travis discussed the result and ripples from the Virginia governor’s race on Wednesday’s OutKick the Show.

He delves into how McAuliffe’s campaign was largely brought down by moms opposed to being silenced at their schools — atop the continued COVID restrictions and vaccine decisions splitting families.

“There is a mom revolution and it is going to overwhelm everything. … Suburban moms, moms with kids in school, they have had enough,” Clay said. “They’re furious over the fact that schools never opened back up. They’re educated on the fact that many of these masking requirements are total crap.”

Clay adds that the pushback on critical race theory in the classroom has also inspired Democrats to consider U-turning on The Squad-type policies and progressives’ playbook.

“They want their kids in school and they want them being taught reasonable, rational, educational values. They don’t want them being indoctrinated with crazy, far left-wing critical race theory. … Suburban women swung over 15 points in one year, in the direction of Republicans. And that is why Glenn Youngkin won.”

Clay ends with a big prediction for Republicans in 2022 based on the recent Virginia voting against progressivism, New Jersey’s double-digit swing that nearly crowned a Republican governor and Virginia lieutenant general-elect Winsome Sears‘ victory as a Black, Republican woman.

“The reality is, the reason Democrats are getting their ass kicked is because they’ve leaned into social media woke politics, and Americans don’t support that. They don’t support canceling comedians over jokes; they don’t support the idea of identity politics; they certainly don’t support the foundational element of the Democratic party right now, which is: everything is racist. And so, the Democrats are going to lead themselves off of a cliff, and in 2022, they’re going to get completely wrecked. …

“I would love to bet on the Republicans winning big in 2022, and in 2024.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. “We” have won a very important battle … BUT we have NOT won the war.

    Indeed, a significant % of the Lib/Dem rank&file are either bat-s*** crazy or terminally gullible thanks to the mainstream media terrorists … but the Dem leadership – while insane – is NOT “stupid”. They will regroup and re-strategize quickly. They know their rank&file and how to control them AND they still own 95% of “the media”.

    “America” had a great victory in Virginia IN SPITE OF the feckless numbnuts in the RNC / GOP. Success in 2022 / 2024 will also have to be IN SPITE OF the RNC/GOP.

  2. “Suburban women swung over 15 points in one year, in the direction of Republicans.”

    This nutty behavior concerns me more than the politicians. This tells me a large section of our country doesn’t understand what or who they’re voting for. If you swing that much from Biden, who by any measure is now the most extreme far left President in history (arguably on earth), to Glenn Youngkin in 2 years…something is completely jacked up with your upside down world worldview and decision making abilities. We can’t be so stupid with our votes in the future. These people are not being cool, hip, balanced, free thinking, nah…they’re being imbeciles. Somebody somewhere is going to need to start having some meaningful convictions about SOMETHING other than their freakin social media presence or favorite Netflix series in this self absorbed country. These voting mistakes cannot happen again.

    • “Everyone” wants to identify THE reason for the Virginia Victories. IMO, it was a combination of reasons not the least of which was McAwful making himself totally unelectable over the final weeks of the campaign. He shot so many of his own toes off with his insane rhetoric that none of his shoes fit now.

      McAwful became so unelectable that the numbnutz running the RNC/GOP might want him as THEIR nominee in 2024. Dole – McCain – Romney – McAuliffe …. ???

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