Report: 15 Women Accuse Washington Redskins Staff of Sexual Harassment

In a Washington Post report, fifteen women who worked for Redskins allege sexual harassment by former scouts and members of owner Daniel Snyder’s inner circle. Accusations of inappropriate behavior were leveled against radio voice Larry Michael and Alex Santos. Santos has been fired and Michael retired Wednesday apparently when word started to leak he’d be named.

Michael is accused of discussing the appearance of female workers and Santos was accused by Athletic reporter Rhiannon Walker of asking if she was romantically interested in him. Richard Mann II, assistant director of pro personnel, was also named in the report for allegedly debating whether a woman had breast implants. Dennis Greene, former president of business operations, is alleged to have suggested to female employees that they wear less clothing. And Mitch Gershman, former chief operating officer, was named for complimenting a female employee’s body.

Some of the more salacious claims made by women who spoke to the Post include:

  • “He told me I had a great ass for a little white girl,” Princiotti said. “The general sentiment was that I should wear less clothing.”
  • “If I bring that I want to squeeze your butt,” Mann texted.
  • On one occasion, Applegate said, Greene complimented her on leggings she was wearing.
    “He made a comment about how great I looked in these leggings because they were so tight,” she said. “That was actually the only time Mitch said something like, ‘Dennis, you can’t say something like that.’ ”
  • “They’re not going to get rid of ‘The Voice of the Redskins’ … over a $30,000-a-year marketing manager,” one former male staffer said.
  • “He would tell me I was stupid for not being able to print something out the way he wanted, and directly follow with, ‘Oh, did you run extra yesterday, you look really good,’” Applegate said.

New head coach Ron Rivera is now tasked with rebuilding the Redskins culture, but he has declined to address why Santos and Mann were dismissed.

This is a developing situation. Updates as needed.

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  1. Ethics aside, you have to be brain dead to say some of this stuff in a public workplace. You might have been able to say this in the 60s, but in 2020 this stuff will come back to bite you in the butt. I would be more skeptical if this were one isolated allegation, but 15 suggests some truth, on top of a toxic work culture.

  2. I’m a construction supervisor, 64 years old. Everyone in a people management position needs to understand that today is today, and this stuff is serious. Some of those comments may not seem to be a big deal but you have to do better than that. The job is the job, that’s all you’re there for.

  3. Wowzers. The story got worse. Apparently there were sex parties, paying off officials, pimping cheerleaders to season ticket holders, and the benching of a player because he was sleeping with the same cheerleader Gruden was. Hold on, this ride is going to be wild.

  4. I will wait for the facts to come out. It is always suspicious when the timing is exactly when the Redskins are being pressured to change their name. I’m not saying these things didn’t happen. But there is plenty of cause to pause (Kavanaugh, etc.).
    Jaubry is spot on. If these things were actually said and done, these guys deserve to be pilloried, figuratively, for their idiocy.

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