Comedian Pete Dominick Gets Duped By Non-Existent ‘Refried Beans’ Chant At Ron Desantis Event, Deletes Apology

In the latest example of someone on the left immediately jumping to a conclusion about something that paints Republicans in a bad light, we have Pete Dominick of the ‘Last Week Tonight’ show. The self-proclaimed stand-up comedian was convinced Ron Desantis supporters were shouting “refried beans” at Democratic Lt. Gov. of Florida nominee Karla Hernandez.


This, of course, never happened. The particular event in question was called ‘Keep Florida Free,’ which were the words that were actually being chanted. Dominick and others didn’t want to believe that, however, so they convinced themselves that they were hearing grown adults screaming “refried beans.”

It appears this all started when Julio E. Ligorria tweeted a video of the shouting. Ligorria – who claims to be a disinformation analyst in his Twitter bio – has since deleted the tweet and made his account private.

In other words, he knows he royally screwed up.

Here is a screenshot of Ligorria’s deleted video in which he claimed people were shouting “refried beans.”

Screengrab of Julio Ligorria’s deleted video spewing misinformation. Twitter/Misterbigdubya

Dominick jumped aboard the fake refried beans train after the video began making the rounds on social media.

After realizing it was bogus, he deleted the tweet and issued an apology, only to delete his apology a few moments later hoping nobody would notice.

So, so brave.

This is, of course, common and accepted practice from left-leaning folks.

If you share something fake, but then delete it altogether then it never happened, despite thousands of people seeing it. It’s okay for democrats to make horrible mistakes and spew misinformation across social media.

Remember, only conservatives and people who possess common sense are the ones who deserve to be canceled.

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Written by Mark Harris

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