Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Humiliates Troll For Suggesting Team Should Not Offer Him Massive Contract

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If you get your football opinions on Twitter, or still get your shirts ironed by your mother, you’re probably of the mindset that Lamar Jackson is still not worth a new contract from the Baltimore Ravens.

And unless you’re a Chiefs, Bills or Bengals fan, you probably wouldn’t mind having LJ as your starter.

The online trolls were out for Jackson after a late-game surge by the Jacksonville Jaguars that propelled them over Baltimore.

One troll got in LJ’s mentions, warning the Ravens to save their money and opt not to re-sign the former NFL MVP.

Jackson Shuts Up Troll

Jackson responded and sacked the critic with an expletive-laced response that went for his manhood.

“When someone is asking for over 250 mil guaranteed like @Lj_era8 … games like this should not come to [Justin Tucker]. Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well rounded team,” the Twitter critic tweeted.

“Boy STFU y’all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did s**t but eat d**k.”

Screenshot of Lamar Jackson tweet (Twitter/@Lj_era8)

While the message got mired by Jackson’s choice of words, the point remained that guys like this don’t actually tune into Ravens games.

When the Ravens defense failed to stave off the Jags offense to start the fourth, down 20-19, Jackson returned to the field and delivered a clutch 62-yard pass to veteran wideout DeSean Jackson.

Tight end Mark Andrews dropped an easy (not meant lightly) end-zone pass from Jackson on the drive to keep the Jags alive in the contest.

Baltimore settled for a field goal.

Jackson’s seen struggles throughout the year, but to lead the AFC North at 7-4 with little to no skill players available to help shoulder the offensive burden is something Ravens Nation ought to be thankful for.

Jacksonville also deserved their flowers for the win after Trevor Lawrence and Zay Jones led an incredible 8-point, game-winning drive.


Jackson finished with 343 total yards of offense. Both online and on the podium, Jackson took the loss to heart.

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  1. I’m sorry, but that was a WAAAAAYYYY overreach by Lamar. I don’t agree with the OP’s tweet, but he wasn’t way out of line. Jackson has been very good….but they are not exactly setting the world on fire this year. Paying a huge part of your salary cap on any one player hurts overall talent level.

    Lamar may be worth it. But it’s a debatable opinion. Not worth such a cringe profanity laced diabtribe.

  2. Wife and I went to a wonderful restaurant on Galveston Bay for lunch today, Topwater Grill if you’re ever in the area.

    Not that I watch the NFL, but the Jags/Ravens game was on one of the numerous TV’s at the bar. My wife and I remembered the last time we visited the stadium in Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. MSState had lost their head coach and was playing Louisville in what was assumed to be Jackson’s last collegiate game.

    Jackson threw four interceptions that day, including 3 to one guy. He sure didn’t look like a guy who deserves $230 million that day.

  3. Say whay??? Lamar Jackson humiliates himself!!! Hard to believe he graduated from grade school, let alone supposedly attended college, and seriously doubt he ever saw the inside of a class room. The guy nearly flunked ‘The Wonderlic Test’, which is the NFL’s version of an IQ test given to all potential draft picks during the pre-draft combine. And lets face it, he looks as stupid as he talks.

    • Most of these NFL players are nowhere near graduating college. Jackson’s response was idiotic, juvenile, and as David alluded to, homophobic. Were he White, he would never get away with it. Black privilege.

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