Packers’ Rasul Douglas Roasts Sports Broadcaster’s Critical Tweet About Jets’ Recruitment Of Aaron Rodgers

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The New York Jets want Aaron Rodgers to be their quarterback and they haven’t kept that desire a secret. Multiple Jets players have made public pleas for Rodgers to to bring his talents to New Jersey, while Packers players haven’t exactly been vocal about keeping Rodgers in Green Bay.

Gary Ellerson, a Spectrum 1 broadcaster in Wisconsin, has noticed the lack of noise from Green Bay’s players about wanting Rodgerst to stick around.

Ellerson shared a tweet pointing out how Jets players are doing their job of trying to get Rodgers, unfortunately for Ellerson, Packers’ cornerback Rasul Douglas saw the tweet and responded.

Douglas made it clear that the Packers don’t have to publically pitch Rodgers about staying in Green Bay, they can actually contact him privately and not publically via social media.

Rodgers liked Douglas’ tweet, for whatever that’s worth.

Nobody knows at this moment in time what Rodgers’ future holds, it may consist of playing in the NFL season or retiring and spending more time in the darkness.


It does, however, feel like that if Rodgers does decide to play this upcoming season it will be for the Jets. Then again, Rodgers is a wild card, maybe he hasn’t burnt every bridge in Green Bay and he decides to run it back with the Packers.

Written by Mark Harris

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