Rappers Keep Being Pumped Full Of Lead, This Time It Was On Instagram Live

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Discovery Channel [with Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” classic guitar rift in the background] likes to tell you that working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea is the world’s most dangerous job. After what has happened over the last few days, I’d have to disagree. Being a low-level Instagram rapper has to be the new leader atop the ‘Most Dangerous Jobs’ board.

Rappers are being pumped full of lead at a dizzying pace. Over the weekend, we had a Chicago rapper DTS Dre shot 64 times after exiting a Cook County jail on bail. Yes, he died. Then I learn that Los Angeles rapper, Indian Red Boy, who might’ve dabbled inside the gang world, was brutally murdered last Thursday around 4 p.m. while talking to one of his friends on an Instagram Live. That’s right, Indian Red Boy was capped while his boy was watching live.

Rapper murdered on Instagram Live
Indian Red Boy

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 21-year-old whose birth name is Zerail Dijon Rivera was sitting in the front seat of his car when an unknown gunman walks up and starts blasting — and it was all caught on IG Live. I’m not going to show the guy being knocked off. You can search it out if you wish.

“It appears to have been a walk-up shooting, and he appears to have been targeted,” Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne Police Department told reporters. The officer added that Rivera “appears to be a gang member.”


We’ve been through these phases before where rapping would get you killed, but it seems like these are especially tough times. We all remember the days when Biggie and Tupac were pumped full of lead. Now we have this era where Instagram rappers are being picked off one by one.

And now people are saving and passing around the murder footage as is the case in the Red Boy situation. I don’t know much about the rap game, but I know it’s brutal right now. Indian Red Boy is said to have been targeted because the rapper had “either disrespected or vandalized a mural of Nipsey Hussle,” according to the AJC. You might remember that Hussle, a rapper, was pumped full of lead back in 2019.

As for the guy Red Boy was talking to on the video, he’s yet another rapper who goes by Kapone. Uh, Kapone better pick a smart spot to fire up IG Live. Or he better have a quick draw while holding the iPhone in one hand.

The AJC notes that other rappers to be pumped full of lead over the last couple of months include some guy named Supa Gates and a Dallas rapper named Lil Loaded. Two weeks ago, you had a Virginia rapper named Dazon Gary pumped full of lead after walking out of a recording studio. Milwaukee rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla was found dead in a burning car back in May. He was considered the Biggie of Milwaukee. Then we have Obe Noir, a rapper friend of George Floyd. Obe was knocked off in March.

Then we have Chicago gangbang rapper King Von being killed in November. LeBron noted at the time that the gangbanger had a “damn good future ahead of him.”

And there you have it. The Summer of Gangbang Rappers Being Pumped Full of Lead rolls on, and you have to believe there will be retaliations in these cases. Remember, rappers, be very cautious when the jail releases you on bail. You better find a gun fast(!) or refuse to be released.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Ngl…Al Capone is tipping his cap to the assassin’s from his grave for this one. That’s a straight up late 20’s mafioso style hit in chicago puts the Valentine’s day Massacre to shame lol.

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