Chicago Rapper With ‘Kill To Survive’ Throat Tattoo Shot 64 Times After Leaving Jail

Chicago rapper KTS Dre was met with a hail of bullets Saturday night after walking out of a Cook County (IL) jail where he was spending time for a bail violation connected to a felony gun case. After the gunmen were done, they had pumped 64 bullets into KTS, according to the Chicago Tribune.

At approximately 8:50 p.m., KTS (who had a ‘Kill To Survive’ tattoo on his neck along with a strategically placed crosshairs tattoo) was walking with a 60-year-old woman when two gunmen got out of a car and started blasting. Police say KTS was hit in the face and chest before being taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Rapper KTS show 64 times
Londre Sylvester/AKA KTS ‘Kill To Survive’ Dre

According to a state records database, KTS Dre had been sent to prison four times since 2010 and three of those visits were due to weapons convictions.

It was another busy weekend for the Chicago PD who had 11 people die on city streets over the weekend, but the death numbers were down from a wild 4th of July weekend when 18 citizens were knocked off. According to, which tracks Chicago shootings, 46 people have been shot and killed so far in July. There have been a total of 246 people shot and 50 official homicides. For the year, there have been 402 homicides and 2,186 people shot.

As things stand right now, a person is wounded in Chicago every two hours and seven minutes; someone is murdered every 11 hours and thirty minutes.

KTS Dre’s final Instagram post was a tribute to fellow dead Chicago gangbanger rapper King Von, who was filled full of lead in November outside an Atlanta bar. You might remember how LeBron & his son also mourned the loss of Von with LeBron writing that the murdered rapper had “a damn good future ahead of him.” King Von was facing a 2019 “criminal attempt to commit murder” charge when he himself was murdered.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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