Rapper, Biden Supporter Cardi B Gets Heated About The Exorbitant Price OF Lettuce

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Hitting the grocery store is a frustrating task for one Cardi B these days.

It’s not because she’s sick of getting recognized by fans or because she’s sick of people not returning their carts. It’s because grocery prices are out of control.

They’re just too damn high, according to Mrs. Cardi B.

I’m not sure how dining al fresco is going to save you money, but hey, maybe she’s right.

Inflation driving up grocery store prices was one of the big stories of 2022, and already in 2023, Cardi B is keeping it in the news.

The price of one item, in particular, sent the “WAP” songstress overboard: lettuce

Everyone has their item that is used as the baseline for the grocery store index. For most people it’s milk or eggs. Not Cardi B. The Cardi B grocery store index follows the price of lettuce.

When a rapper is complaining that $6 is too much for a head of lettuce we need to reassess things. Unless that was at Whole Foods in which case that’s not a terrible price.

There’s also no word on what kind of lettuce she’s talking about. Romaine? Little Gem? Boston Bibb?

It can’t be iceberg. She wouldn’t be buying that; it’s trash lettuce.

Cardi B’s Rant About Groceries Went Viral

Cardi B was hot under the proverbial collar about the price of her leaf vegetables, She even went ahead and shot a good old-fashioned “I’m so mad I can’t even get out of the car before I start my rant” rant video.

“I do want anyone that’s responsible of these f—ing prices to put that s–t the f–k down,” she said. “If they’re gonna see my s–t they might put it down.”

If only Cardi B ever had a one-on-one audience with someone capable of implementing policies that might help this issue.

It’s not like she supported and interviewed Joe Biden leading up the 2020 Presidential Election or anything.


This isn’t the first time she has talked about these issues. Just a few months ago the rapper took aim at inflation, as well as the rise in housing prices.

Perhaps, Cardi B is starting to see the everyday consequences of voting for a President like Joe Biden. Now she’s using her massive platform to complain about something she helped make happen because of her own massive platform.

That’s an M. Night Shyamalan-ian twist.

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