Rams, Broncos Pranked With Ugly Christmas Uniforms

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The Rams and Broncos need to work on their Christmas spirit.

The two teams will take the field on Christmas day for a clash of 4-10 juggernauts. In an attempt to spread some holiday cheer, CBS Sports (with the help of Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and Rams safety Nick Scott), displayed the teams’ new ugly Christmas sweater uniforms at their practice facilities.

The response was less than favorable.

Much to the relief of the players, the uniforms aren’t actually going to be added to the Christmas Day slate. One Rams player called the getup “ugly as f*ck” and another simply labeled them “TRASH.”

But, respectfully, I disagree. In a game between two dismal teams with no hope for the playoffs, I think some jazzed up jerseys are exactly what we need to get fans excited about this matchup. I mean, just LOOK at these reindeer helmets!

Rams, Broncos Pranked with Ugly Christmas Uniforms

“The reindeer is a little childish,” one Broncos player commented. “Our regular helmet would have been okay.”

These guys are zero fun. What say you, Baker Mayfield?

Rams, Broncos Pranked with Ugly Christmas Uniforms

Scrooges, all of them.

Still, both teams are hoping Santa delivers a win this weekend. Denver just snapped a five-game losing streak last Sunday, while Los Angeles is coming off a loss at Lambeau on Monday night.

The Rams and Broncos kick off at 4:30 ET at SoFi Stadium on Christmas Day. In their regular old boring uniforms.

Written by Amber Harding

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