Rachel Stuhlmann Shows Off Her Super Bowl Bikini Tops & Reveals Her Super Bowl Pick

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Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann is off to a big week in Phoenix where it’s been awfully quiet on the Instagram model front with Super Bowl LVII closing in fast and only so much time to create buzz.

By Friday afternoon at the Super Bowl, people on the East Coast are done caring about coverage until Sunday. They’re on trains heading home. They’re in the car. They’re at the bar slamming shots after busting their asses.

Stuhlmann, who is an industry veteran, gets the media cycle. Wednesday, the rising social media star sat down with OutKick to go over a few hot-button topics like the rise of pickleball and which team she’s picking in the Super Bowl.

Then, just after lunch on the East Coast Thursday, Stuhlmann unleashed her Super Bowl LVII bikini top content which will now become tabloid content heading into those all-important hours before the East Coasters call it a work week.

During the OutKick interview, Rachel gave us her Super Bowl pick. This one is pretty simple.

“I love both teams but have to say I’m going with the Chiefs. I think since the Rams left, most St. Louisans have adopted the Chiefs as our team since it’s Missouri,” Stuhlmann admits.

“I’m still super sad about the Rams leaving. (It’s) hard to get over for me. Every Super Bowl I always think about the Greatest Show on Turf and the 2000 Super Bowl. I was so little but remember my family having a party and a Rams piñata and we were all so happy and excited about the win. Great memory.

“But yes (being from Missouri) I would say I’ve gradually claimed the Chiefs as my fav team over the past few years. Coach Andy Hill (Chiefs assistant special teams coach) was at Mizzou when I was, and we’ve stayed in touch o I’m super excited for him and the team.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles will have superfan social media legend Sammy Draper in their corner when things kick off from Glendale.

Get moving, Instagram models. The Internet is about to call it a weekend until late Sunday afternoon. If you’re going to pump out content, you better make it fast.

Rachel Stuhlmann bikini eagles phtoo
Being the brilliant influencer that she is, Rachel Stuhlmann published an Eagles bikini photo even though she’s rooting for the Chiefs. / Instagram

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