Eagles Superfan Sammy Draper Has A Message For Cowboys Fans After Clinching Super Bowl Berth

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You guys might as well get used to seeing Eagles superfan Sammy Draper for the next two weeks, or at least until another pageview machine steps forward to get into the Super Bowl mix.

Her team is going to the Super Bowl — last I checked, Sammy was based in Arizona, so the stars are aligning this year — and the OutKick Culture Department is expecting an all-out content assault out of Sammy for the next 14 days. I’m talking multiple Eagles content dumps. I’m talking Sammy making tabloid headlines around the world.

Guys, this isn’t Sammy’s first content rodeo. I’ve been at this game a long time and Sammy has been around for a number of those years. This is how a content veteran conducts business. Watch.

Instagram superstar Sammy Draper and her girlfriends enjoying drinks while watching the Eagles destroy the 49ers. / Instagram Story

“To every cowboys fans. To every mother f*cker that told me I’d be hotter if I wasn’t an eagles fan… HOW DOES THAT TASTE?!?!? Let’s gooooo BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!” Draper wrote on Instagram after the Eagles beat up on the 49ers to advance to Super Bowl LVII.

Hell yeah!

Now that’s how you create content when your team is in the Super Bowl, especially when you have a Super Bowl title in your Eagles-themed bikini top (Draper’s an Instagram vet who went on a huge international tabloid headline run five years ago during Super Bowl LII). You jump right on your hated rival’s throat until they tap out.

And before you guys ask, yes, I fired off a few questions into Sammy’s IG DMs to see if she’s ready to talk about the Super Bowl and what it would mean for her years-long battle against scumbag Cowboys fans who are relentless in their hatred for her Eagles bikinis.

Stay tuned as I try to track down an interview with America’s most in-demand Eagles for the next two weeks. The blue checkmarks are trying to get time with Donna Kelce, but I know what wins the pageviews game — Sammy Draper content.

From the Sammy Draper Collection / sammy_draper/Instagram
From the Sammy Draper Collection / sammy_draper/Instagram
From the Sammy Draper Collection / sammy_draper/Instagram
From the Sammy Draper Collection / sammy_draper/Instagram

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