Rachel Stuhlmann Following In Paige Spiranac’s Footsteps, Planning To Launch Her Own OnlyFans Spin-Off

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The world’s No. 1 tennis influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann, is once again following in the footsteps of the world’s No. 1 golf influencer, Paige Spiranac. You can’t blame her for doing so either. Paige’s playbook has been a huge success for sports influencing.

After building a decent size following with her unique style of tennis coverage, and not letting the haters slow her down, she’s getting in on the subscription site train while it’s hot.

That’s a move Paige made recently by launching her own OnlyFans spin-off called “Only Paige.” Rachel revealed that she has something similar in the works. The tennis influencer’s fans want more content and she’s going to deliver.

Rachel Stuhlmann Following In Paige Spiranac's Footsteps, Planning To Launch Her Own OnlyFans Spin-Off
World’s No. 1 tennis influencer launching subscription site (Image Credit: Rachel Stuhlmann/Instagram)

Like Paige, Rachel’s subscription site will not be hosted on the OnlyFans platform. She said of joining the platform most widely known for adult content, “OnlyFans is not on the cards for me.”

No she’s not a hater. It’s just not for her, “I have nothing against and don’t judge women who have it, but it’s not in my business and long-term career plan.”

Rachel says the work on the new platform is already in progress. She also revealed what kind of content her subscribers can expect. Not surprisingly, the focus will be on tennis.

“I am excited to share that, for the past few months, I have been working on my own personal subscription-based platform where I’ll be sharing on-court coaching instruction, behind-the-scenes tournament travel, and much more fun and exclusive content,” she said. “So watch for that, coming soon.”

Rachel Stuhlmann Has Some Big Plans

While Rachel’s not going the adult content route, you can expect her tennis content will still bring plenty of heat.

The exclusive content game isn’t all she has in the works. The tennis influencer has her sights set on much bigger projects like bringing a tournament to her hometown.

She said, “I have so many goals within the industry, including bringing a professional tennis tournament to my hometown, St. Louis, and finishing my book.”

Talk about goals. This is why you can’t bet against the top of the food chain influencers. They’re already two steps ahead. You’re busy complaining because she’s wearing a bikini on a tennis court and she’s working on subscription sites, books, and tournaments.

Written by Sean Joseph

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