Rachel Bush Shows A Ton Of Respect For Summer In A Skimpy String Bikini

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Don’t tell Rachel Bush that summer has come to an end. She’s not having any of it. She’s busy showing the season the proper amount of respect that it deserves.

That means squeezing every drop out of it. We all know football is back and that means fall is too, but there are still technically a few days left in summer.

Rachel Bush bikini
Khloe Terae and Rachel Bush attend Shaq’s Fun House Big Game Weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

As long as that’s the case there should be bikinis and sunshine filling our social media feeds. Rachel understands this and after an offseason/summer filled with destination vacations and a ton of time spent working on her tan, she’s doing her part to drop out bikini content.

There’s plenty of time to flip the page to fall and then winter. Right now it’s still water, sunshine, and tanning in a bikini.

It started earlier this week when Rachel shared a look back at her “fairy tale land” trip to Switzerland. That look back featured all of the ingredients needed for a strong reminder that we’re still in summer.

That was followed up with some indoor activities that put all of her hard work spent out in the sun on display. A top level tan doesn’t just appear all on its own.

Then came Saturday, officially a week left in summer, when Rachel dropped “Shades of blue” on the heads of her 4 million Instagram followers. The attention grabbing content hit feeds and went right to work.

Rachel Bush Is Putting Up A Strong Argument That Summer Should Never End

It’s not clear from the “Shades of blue” content drop whether this an early season trip to keep summer rolling for Rachel or whether this is some leftover content from her busy offseason.

What is blatantly obvious is that she respects the hell out of summer. Not only that but the season has a ton of respect for her as well.

Now some might argue that her summer, and therefore her respect for the season, never ends with a home in Miami. That is very true.

But I have a solid response to that. If you’re going to respect a season for far too long, shouldn’t it be summer and all that comes along with it?

Written by Sean Joseph

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