Packers LB Gets Comically Small Fine After Pushing Detroit Medical Staffer

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Packers linebacker Quay Walker got an incredibly tiny slap on the wrist after pushing a Detroit medical staffer.

During the week 18 loss to the Lions, which eliminated the Packers from postseason contention, Walker shoved a Lions trainer as he attempted to provide aid to D’Andre Swift.

The situation looked even worse when you factor in the focus on health and safety in the aftermath of Damar Hamlin’s medical emergency.

While there was speculation the league might drop the hammer on Walker, it didn’t happen. He was only fined $13,261.

That seems like a very minor punishment for physically going after an opposing medical staffer.

Quay Walker should consider himself very lucky.

The NFL would have been more than justified in suspending Quay Walker if that’s what the league wanted to do.

You simply can’t have a player pushing an opposing medical staffer on the field. It can’t be tolerated. There are some things that are automatic read lines and that’s one of them.

That’s even truer when a guy is down and needs immediate help like Swift was at the moment.

Quay Walker fined for shoving Detroit trainer during a loss to the Lions. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Yet, the NFL chose to give him a very small fine when measured against his contract. His deal is for more than $13.8 million, and it’s fully guaranteed. Do we think he’ll still be able to buy dinner after losing $13,261? Seems unlikely he’ll even notice it’s gone.

Quay Walker shoved a Detroit trainer during a loss to the Lions. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

While the NFL didn’t drop the hammer, someone from the Packers needs to tell Walker to chill out. Football is a passionate sport. People get fired up, but when a guy needs help, you don’t shove the trainer trying to get to him. It’s shockingly simple.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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    • 100%, Dun. Also, why in the hell isn’t Walker’s brutha, #95, Wyatt, not getting fined also? He did the usual 13%er move and did a push from the back as well. Yes, athletes are bigger, stronger and faster today, but the IQ level and plain disrespect for sports makes watching not much of a priority for me anymore. The more black athletes in a sport, the greater the antics and selfishness happen.

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