Project Veritas To Expose The Anti-White Racism At ESPN

Project Veritas says it will expose ESPN as a racist organization on Tuesday night.

Monday, Veritas, one of the few outlets that still practices journalism, posted a teaser of recorded audio clips of ESPN reporter Alyssa Lang — a white woman who works on ESPN’s SEC coverage — revealing a “blatantly racist” conversation she had behind the scenes:


While the teaser is only 59 seconds, it appears Veritas has clips that prove ESPN has used racist business practices against white people. Yes, anti-white racism does exist, no matter how often the press tells you it doesn’t. Racism exists in all forms, not just against the groups ESPN claims.

During the video, another staffer says that ESPN wanted to become the “face of BLM,” an assertion that matches up with ESPN’s pivot toward social justice activism, which we’ve documented at OutKick.

In 2017, new ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro began reeling ESPN’s programming back in. Pitaro said on the record that ESPN would no longer cover politics, and he began to promote more news breakers and former players. The network also began to edge out unsuccessful wokes like Bomani Jones, Sarah Spain, Jemele Hill and Cari Champion. As a result, ESPN rebounded swiftly, with higher ratings across the board. 

But after the death of George Floyd, sources say Disney, the parent company of ESPN, began to pressure the network to prove that it’s not racist. How do you do that? Well, you can’t. All you can do is distract those above you by spewing racism toward white people, obviously.

So, Pitaro caved and undid everything he had fixed. Since 2020, ESPN has been MSNBC masquerading as a sports network, spreading blatant lies, racist commentary, CCP talking points, partisan politics and BLM.

The racialization of ESPN is prevalent behind the scenes as well. ESPN has disproportionately promoted and hired black talents over white, Hispanic and Asians for two years. Last year, former ESPN talent Maria Taylor used her leverage as a black woman to try and strongarm the network into giving her an $8 million a year contract offer, well above her market value. ESPN countered with $5 million, but Taylor declined and left for NBC. Even ESPN’s white guilt has its limits.

And yet, ESPN still pretends as though black people are underrepresented on air, even though nearly every show on the network is over 50% black on any given day. Furthermore, shows like First Take and NBA Today are almost exclusively black. It’s clear that ESPN doesn’t undermine black people, but that doesn’t matter to critics. So ESPN overcorrects each year, hiring and promoting more and more black on-air talent, while ignoring candidates of other races.

And ESPN wants you to see just how racially biased it has become. ESPN created and promoted the following photo in August, just in case you needed visual proof that it hires black people:

ESPN is totally, 100%, absolutely, without a doubt not racist against black people. Pinky swear. Just look at the photo.

Meanwhile, Dan Orlovsky and Mina Kimes are the only pundits in a featured “opinion” role who are under 40 and not black. The only two. So anyone who hasn’t already been grandfathered in like Max Kellerman and Tony Kornheiser has no shot.

On Tuesday night, PV will expose some of the racist rot that pervades ESPN. However, ESPN won’t change. If PV proves ESPN is racist against white people, the network will breathe a sigh of relief that its quest to become the face of BLM has officially been a success.

Pay particular attention to what happens to Lang. She is a talented broadcaster, and she’s honest. What she’s saying is true. Still, former disgruntled employees and those who don’t believe white people can be the victims of racism will likely attack her. People like Jemele Hill. So hopefully others will stand up for Lang, though that’s doubtful. The sports media industry is teeming with cowards, and many of them are Lang’s colleagues.

Project Veritas will release the full video tonight at 8 pm EST.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. LMBAO at conservatives on a daily basis. Project Veritas and James O’Keefe is seen as a clown and has been THROUGHLY DISCREDITED in the past for his BULLSHIT. C’mon dude, you can do better than this. What about the RNC and their January 6th dumbass remarks about “Normal Political Discourse”?

      • So let me get this straight. You actually buy into this James O’Keefe clown ass fool? Are you people fucking serious? Nowonder you get picked on and seen as clowns. You can’t be this fucking stupid. These people are playing you guys. It’s the New Southern Political Strategy 2.0. Can’t you guys see that shit? Let me guess, you’re still waiting for Trump to “Build that wall and have Mexico pay for it”. Can’t imagine why you lost the Civil War. Stupid MF

        • Really? Really? “These people are playing you guys.” Black people have been played to the point it’s flat out sad. I mean for years it was completely acceptable to call a black person to their face a n word, and they were totally fine with it. It took a white person telling them it should hurt their feelings, and they fell for it. Now calling a black person the n word completely breaks them down to nothing. I mean think about that. A simple word, basically name calling tears a black person to pieces. How about statues and monuments? Statues and monuments that were in place for years and didn’t bother anyone, all of a sudden a white person convinced black people that they should be bothered. And guess what they fell for it. A damn statue hurts a black persons feelings simply because they were told it should. And Jesus the worse of all BLM. Black people burn buildings, break windows, steal anything not nailed down because career criminal crack heads get killed by police. Oh, and how about Joe Biden? A known racist btw. This man can’t function a coherent thought yet he outsmarted black people into loving him.

        • He gets people on camera talking about whatever he is exposing at the time. Are you saying they’re paid actors, deep fakes? You’re a clown bro. You can’t get more cut and dry than O’keefes under cover or just plainly shot videos. The only fools who don’t believe him are morons like you that don’t believe there own eyes. You are a weak pathetic little boy.

    • His undercover reporting, which has been happening for 75 years, is documented proof from the subjects mouths on VIDEO. It’s the opposite of being discredited reports, they are actual, documented proof. You stand irrefutably corrected.

    • Oh really? Post one example of where PV has been discredited, just one you obtuse POS. Please, just one. Do you not believe the veracity of the video they produce? That is right from the horses mouth. You are beyond stupid. Oh, and your continued references to Jan 6 are logical fallacies. This tactic is used mainly by the mentally feeble.

  2. It is hard to believe that after the total train wreck of The John “Skippy” Skipper Era at ESPN that it could possibly go further downhill. IT HAS! Somewhere “Skippy” is giggling “ya can’t blame THIS mess on me” as he snorts another line.

  3. Grow the fuck up “Ball Don’t Lie”. You telling people the color of your skin tells me everything I need to know about you. No one gives a flying fuck what color skin you have. I would break your jaw no matter the skin color. Either way it’s time for a good joke and if you don’t like it, no one cares. Why does Beyoncé sing “To The Left”? Because black people don’t have rights!! (Now if you don’t think that’s funny you needa just get outa here)

  4. I knew “BDL” would be triggered by this. The truth hurts.

    I wonder what he feels about Biden’s free crack pipes for addicts initiative, focused on “racial equity”. If he had half a brain he would know the Democrats appear to be enabling addiction and misery in the “POC” community , but he’s too stupid for that.

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