Prison Confirms Male Child Rapist Who ‘Sometimes’ Identifies As Female Transferred To Women’s Prison

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A New Hampshire man named Brett David Sonia was convicted of child rape, sexual exploitation, and child pornography in 2005 and 2006. Sonia is now serving time in a Washington state prison. The Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW), to be exact.

Sonia “sometimes,” not all the time, identifies as a female. When a woman, Sonia goes by Brooke Lyn.

Claims that the man, now 54, recently transferred to a women’s prison surfaced last week through a website called Reduxx.

OutKick reached out to the Washington State Department of Corrections for confirmation of the transfer, to which the prison confirmed.

“Hi Bobby,

“Thanks for the inquiry.  Brooke Lyn Sonia is currently in custody in the Washington Corrections Center for Women.  The transfer to WCCW was completed on 8/16/2022.”

Said Tobby Hatley, Media Relations Manager at Washington State Department of Corrections, to OutKick on Tuesday.

So, a male child rapist leveraged his supposed gender fluidity into a women’s prison on the basis that he “sometimes” calls himself a woman.

Sonia first requested a transfer to a women’s institution in July 2020. He claimed that “male aggression” from inmates put him at risk.

The New Hampshire facility first transferred Brett to another male prison in Washington, called Airway Heights Correctional Center (AHCC). But a subsequent court document in 2021 named Sonia “a vulnerable, transgender female inmate.”

The complaint alleged the AHCC had placed him in a cell with “predatory male inmates.”

The predators frightened the child rapist, says the filing:


20 years ago, Brett Sonia met a 13-year-old girl in New Hampshire and convinced her that he’d help her launch a “modeling” career. However, the photography sessions turned gruesome. There, Sonia pressured the girl to remove her clothes and perform sex acts on him. Brett then took photos of the acts.

Sonia eventually took the victim across state lines to Los Angeles County, California where he sexually assaulted her “repeatedly,” per reports.

Sonia in August of 2021. (Photo: PenpalsForPrisoners/FACEBOOK)

News outlet Foster’s Daily Democrat published the details in 2006 at the time of the court hearing (bolded for emphasis).

“[T]he victim moved into a Dover apartment with Sonia in 2003. Sonia told her she could make good money by posing for photographs, which she consented to do. He later pressured her to remove some of her clothing, saying she could make more money if she revealed more of her body.

“Graphic photographs obtained by the County Attorney’s Office show the victim performing sexual acts on Sonia in multiple locations, and wearing a variety of garments, Velardi said. Velardi assured Fauver the victim was willing to testify the male body parts displayed in the photographs belonged to Sonia.

“Other details of the assaults are too graphic for print. Velardi said attorneys had a very difficult time picking a jury out of an original pool of about 60, with over a dozen potential jurors admitting during jury selection that they would be unable to sit on a case with such disturbing allegations.

Courts in both California and New Hampshire convicted Sonia for sexual exploitation of a minor. He was sentenced to serve a minimum of 22.5 years and a maximum closer to 40 years for the New Hampshire assaults.

Not nearly enough time.


A women’s prison welcoming a vile sometimes man, sometimes woman into its facility has the actual female inmates of grave concern.

A whistleblower spoke to Reduxx on the matter by the pseudonym “Shawn” for the sake of anonymity. The report says Shawn has a close family member who’s serving time at Washington Corrections Center for Women. Shawn says the female inmates are “fearful” of Sonia, who often identifies as male while bunking with the women.

“He was saying that he’s both. … [He] identifies as a man sometimes, and a woman sometimes,” Shawn stated. “I know he looks like a regular middle-aged man with glasses. My relative says he doesn’t look trans at all. His mannerisms are manly, no makeup, nothing to suggest he’s trans.”

“At least one woman is terrified and uses a buddy system to visit the bathroom,” Shawn said of Sonia’s arrival.

The whistleblower claims WCCW houses eight biological males convicted of violent crimes. And sexual encounters between male and female inmates are common.

“There are some very aggressive men coming in here,” Shawn said of WCCW, and “all of them are having sex with women.”


The story of Brett David Sonia/Brooke Lyn Sonia (depending on the day) is an indictment of a fragile legal system.

You read the details aloud and conclude the system has fallen vulnerable to society’s irrational response to transgenderism:

Here is a man who brutally raped a 13-year-old girl but said male inmates scared him on the days he masked up as a woman. Therefore, the prison system placed him in a facility of biological women, fearful of his intimidating, predatorial presence.

Sensitivity around transgenderism has prompted irrational response. A male rapist getting his wish to serve time in a women’s prison is the result of a culture that prioritizes political correctness over common sense.

These are the consequences of a failing society.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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    2) If I was an inmate and could transfer to a women’s prison by identifying as a woman, I 100% would do that, just to avoid the amorous males.

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