President Donald Trump on Joe Biden’s VP Options

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This morning, Outkick founder Clay Travis had President Donald Trump on his Fox Sports Radio show. Among the topics discussed was Biden’s impending VP pick. Trump said it wouldn’t make a difference as it doesn’t sway voters. In the process, the president dropped some great lines.

“You can pick George Washington to be your vice president,” Trump told Clay. “Let’s pick up Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead. [People] just don’t seem to vote for the VP.”

President Trump also criticized Biden’s decision to corner himself into only picking a woman: “Some people would say men are insulted by that; some would say it’s fine.”

The topic starts at the 19:00 mark.

Biden is expected to make his VP pick this week. Reportedly, he’s narrowed his options down to Sen. Kamala Harris and Susan Rice.

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  1. You have to admire his candor, Trump speaks like a businessman, not a politician. If you stink, he’ll tell you that you stink. America needs that more than ever before.

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