Joe Biden Reportedly Down to Two Choices For Vice President

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Those closest to Joe Biden believe his choices for Vice President have narrowed to Sen. Kamala Harris and Susan Rice. According to Axios, it would be a surprise to those confidants if he picks anyone else. 

For weeks, outlets have considered Harris the clear frontrunner though Rice has gained momentum and has her own, important supporters. 

“Rice is getting a big bounce from Obama people,” Axios reported.  “[They] claim her presence on the ticket would guarantee the enthusiastic presence of both Barack and Michelle Obama on the campaign trail.” 

In the polls, Biden’s lead over Trump is growing.

The latest NPR analysis gives Biden a 297-170 advantage over President Donald Trump. Biden’s VP announcement isn’t likely to shift the polls much. 

With that said, this race isn’t over. In case you forgot — Trump’s detractors have tried to — in 2016, the polls were wrong and there are just 90 days left before we separate the guesses from the answer.

The debates, which should be riveting and potentially vote-swinging, are slated for Sept. 29, Oct. 15, and Oct. 22.

Originally, Biden planned to announce his running mate the first of August; he delayed that decision for at least another week. With the Democratic convention beginning August 17, the choice will have to be made in some short order.

For content purposes, envisioning these two on the same team is enticing:

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  1. It’s scary that Joe is on the ballot. Who is behind this? There must be a puppet-master. He has progressing Alzheimer’s not dementia. It’s creepy that someone or a group is holding him out as a candidate.

    And he can’t leave the basement to debate!?

  2. Polls lol anyone who has watched this career politician lately cannot seriously believe he is a capable person i wouldn’t bet the farm on the basis of these polls just sayin.

  3. Haha for sure, Ryan…but Trump is three years younger than Puddin’ Joe…and he has what Basement Joe doesn’t have…all his faculties.
    In his inauguration speech, Trump mentioned all the issues confronting our country…no sugar coating…but positive and hopeful, and they called him Hitler. On DAY 1…an hour after being sworn in. Tells ya where the rad left has been for four years…RESIST they said. Screw our country if that’s what it takes. Explain that to the kids.

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