President Donald Trump Leading in Arizona, Florida: Election Pollwatch

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Here are the most recent numbers via Real Clear Politics:

All eyes are on the new ABC News/The Washington Post polls, which have President Donald Trump leading in both Florida and Arizona. Per the polls, Trump holds a 51%-47% advantage over Biden in Florida, and a close 49%-48% in Arizona. 

Arizona is the game-changer. It looked as if the state was slipping away from Trump. If the president wins Arizona, and retains the states won in 2016, he’d likely only need to win one of three among Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin:

This bodes well for a re-election. This week, Morning Consult released data showing Americans in Big 10 states crediting Trump for the conference’s decision to ultimately play this season. I explained:

“Over half of college football fans surveyed say Trump played at least a role in the Big 10’s return. More importantly, the same 53% of Big 10 fans surveyed agree. 19% of which say the president is ‘completely responsible;” 34% voted ‘somewhat responsible.’

“Only 17% and 16% of college football and Big 10 fans, respectively, say Trump had no part in the decision.

“In 2020, when the two parties agree on virtually nothing, 50% of both say Trump is at least somewhat responsible for the Big 10. Meanwhile, only 29% of Democrats and 31% of Republicans said he isn’t.”

40 days to go.

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  1. Trump will not win in a landslide. I think Trump will win but this is going to be a total and complete shit show, especially if you factor in the mass mail in voting. I don’t think we will see a clear winner on election night and it’s going to be worse than 2000. If Trump wins expect to see chaos. If Trump officially wins expect a lot of rioting and protesting. Only way to avoid total and complete mayhem would be a decisive win on either side and I don’t see that happening.

  2. Every single Trump supporter I know that responds to polls tells them they are voting for Biden. They don’t just want Trump to win. They want to see the MSM and pollsters humiliated in the process.

  3. Landslide baby imo LOL based on the 2016 Clinton was a much better candidate had the ground game and dough and Trump smoked her in EC Biden is no Clinton and i do expect the lefties to make a scene bunch of sore losers but i am like the Boy Scouts i am prepared always no worries there.

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