Over Half Big 10, College Football Fans Credit President Trump for Conference Return

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The Big 10’s return could play a deciding role in November’s election. Morning Consult released data showing Americans crediting President Donald Trump for the conference’s decision to ultimately play this season.

Over half of college football fans surveyed say Trump played at least a role in the Big 10’s return. More importantly, the same 53% of Big 10 fans surveyed agree. 19% of which say the president is “completely responsible;” 34% voted “somewhat responsible.”

Only 17% and 16% of college football and Big 10 fans, respectively, say Trump had no part in the decision.

Last week, Will Cain tweeted Trump’s role in the conference’s return will impact the election. A statement, even before this data, hard to argue.

Why this matters:

Big 10 states project to, again, decide the election — with potentially a narrow deciding difference.

Fourth Watch’s Steve Krakauer predicted a similar map to 2016 — with just two-to-three states changing. Overall, I agree but disagree with Arizona.

If Arizona goes blue, Trump would likely need to win two of three among Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Three crucial Big 10 states.

Interestingly, the data says Trump gained support with both Democrats and independents.

Amid the Big 10’s decision, 10 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of independents say they are now more likely to vote for the president. (It is worth noting, it’s unclear where these respondents stood before.)

In 2020, when the two parties agree on virtually nothing, 50% of both say Trump is at least somewhat responsible for the Big 10. Meanwhile, only 29% of Democrats and 31% of Republicans said he isn’t.

In a year of unprecedented twists and turns, could college football swing the election? The short answer is yes.

National polls favor Joe Biden; some, by a lot. Though, there’s a growing agreement Trump, as he did in 2016, has quiet support in battleground states.

The first Trump-Biden debate takes place a week from tonight.

Just 42 days until the election.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. National polls favor biden some by a lot LOL no way just like them polls that had crooked clinton ahead two weeks before the election you can get polls to say anything Trump by a landslide is whats going to happen.

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