Headline: Pres. Biden Pulls A ‘Ron Burgundy’ Reading Teleprompter At Senator’s Tribute

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It’s a bad day to be a technical writer for the Biden administration.

President Biden delivered a tribute for the late Bob Dole after the Republican Leader of the Senate passed over the weekend at the age of 98. Dole was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Feburary.

Biden spoke at the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday to give a departing message and fumbled the tribute by reading the teleprompter word-for-word.

Joe went full Ron Burgundy and capped off his tribute on a baffling cue.

“We meet here in the very heart of American democracy… the Capitol of the United States of America to receive a hero of that democracy for a final time. … We’ve always found ways to come together. We could find that unity again, and the message said… ‘end of message.'”

Watch Biden’s blunder:

The gaffe wasn’t Biden’s first time going extracurricular on his scripted responses — previously caught reading “end of quote” to conclude a supply-chain speech in November.

OutKick founder Clay Travis went to Twitter to point out Biden’s regressing cognitive performance on display, and the video was tagged with a ‘manipulated media’ label.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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