Transcript of Joe Biden’s Speech Blunder Makes it Worse

Amid a surge from President Donald Trump in the polls, Joe Biden emerged yesterday to give a speech. It didn’t go too well, though.

Here is Biden trying to describe the impact of COVID-19:

Got that?

“More lives this year than any other year, for the past hundred years,” Biden claims.

Luckily, for those still not understanding, it was written out fully:

Now, you got it.

Interestingly, not long after, Fox Business reported that Biden’s Wall Street supporters are advising that he skip the debates.

Just nine weeks from today.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. Well i don’t like Joe Biden a 50 year career political hack that has done nothing positive for this great country i mean look at that photo with that crooked smile looks like a shifty used car salesman (no offense to used car salesmen). He is a liar and doesn’t know where he is half the time i mean come on man!

    • I get it’s a free country, but “like” isn’t one of the things we’re voting on in November.
      Who would elect him Mayor of Nashville in his condition? How ’bout Chief Poobah of Davidson County, TN? Hell no…not in MY STATE!!! But the USA be damned…there’s some logic for ya.
      This guy enriched himself and his family (including two brothers) BIG TIME at the expense of US taxpayers. As a US Senator he was the shill for all the big credit card companies who headquarter in Delaware…the higher the interest rate, the more folks got crushed (including young adults just going out into the world)…the better he did for himself.

    • No sir, exactly wrong. First of all, nearly everything Biden said yesterday were outrageous and blatant lies, and given that is hardly unique for Biden, that is not the “bigger” anything, let alone story. Worse, if you wish to call cognitive disabilities “bad speaking skills”, particularly from a Senator used to speaking for the last 50 years, you entitled to your opinion, but the BIGGEST STORY BY FAR is how can a person run for POTUS and not able to read or speak with reporters? In the end, it won’t be bad speaking skills should Biden lose, it will be exactly because the American public do not think he has retained the mental acumen to be mowing his lawn, let alone POTUS…Archbold out.

      • Before you leave us, Guy…even Tucker last night said the 12 minute speech was the most deceitful speech even given by a candidate for POTUS. And of course, no questions afterward…not even allowed at his basement after party once he flew back to Senility Base in Delaware.

  2. Thanks! I knew he must have sounded incoherent, but the MSM didn’t even bother to run this part of the speech. And of course, he’ll never take questions. Interesting how those America flags are behind him, now that he’s starting to lose his lead in the polls.

  3. On come man! I mean man on come! You know, you know, the thing man….
    Archbold out…
    Taking all bets Biden won’t debate for five minutes as it would be the largest act of political suicide, should he even still be alive by October, in the history of the US…

  4. Y’all ease up on Bobby here. Outkick is the anti-cancel. You should be able to recognize that someone is affable but still not want them to be your president. I would never have voted for Clinton or Obama but I can recognize their magnetism and communication capacity. On the other hand, I think Pete Rose is pretty much a piece of crap of a human being but I can recognize that from his accomplishments he belongs in the HOF. Besides, I think he said earlier that he lives in Michigan…he could have the Governors storm troopers camped outside his house right now monitoring his communications 😂

  5. The level of stupidity in this country is so high that someone can be obviously mentally incapable, not ever take questions from reporters and straight up refuse to do debates and not be defeated in a 50 state landslide. Sorry but, anybody with a Biden sign in their yard is out of their fucking mind.

  6. Only if we had bipartisan media who would expose him of his repeated derogatory and racist statements and his 40 plus years in office as a complete failure.

    He just like most of his comrades in DC regardless of political affiliation, has literally used their position to line their pockets.

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