Pot Meet Kettle: Howard Stern Says Oprah Needs To Be ‘A Little Self-Aware’

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Howard Stern thinks that Oprah Winfrey needs to read the room when it comes to flaunting her wealth on social media.

This is coming from a man who makes about $1 million per show, according to Variety. He does about 100 shows per year, many from his $52 million Palm Beach mansion.

But, yeah, Oprah is out of line.

Stern got mad at Winfrey after seeing her Instagram posts from over the holiday weekend.

“Oprah’s not embarrassed by her wealth at all,” Stern said. “She loves showing it off on Instagram. It’s f–king mind-blowing you when you follow her on Instagram, you see her estates, her gardens, the people who service her and, you know.”

Oprah waves rigidly at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Stern Slams Oprah For Flaunting Her Wealth When ‘People Don’t Have S–t To Eat’

Stern continued, seemingly surprised that Oprah — the woman who famously gave her entire audience cars and a trip to Australia — had money and liked to flaunt it.

“She’s got servants and like — people cooking and it’s f–king wild. She knows how to be rich… but she kind of likes to show it off, which is something I’m not comfortable with. I don’t think that people should show off their wealth.”

Stern’s long-time sidekick Robin Quivers posited that maybe Oprah was just using social media to give people a glimpse into her life.

Fartman’s alter-ego countered that she needs to be more self-aware when people are struggling.

“Well you gotta be a little self-aware and know that there are people struggling out there, Robin,” Stern said. “You got to. You gotta kind of think about people who don’t have s–t to eat, you know what I’m saying? I mean, come on. You gotta be a little bit aware of this s–t.”

Quivers then (correctly) posited that people would be going hungry whether Oprah showed off her money or not.

“Well, if you don’t show your wealth, are they getting fed?”

“No, they are not,” Stern said. “But I make a good living, and I’m having trouble watching Oprah. I go, wow. Look what’s going on over there? Her estate is unbelievable. When she goes shopping, she goes shopping in her backyard cause everything is growing back there. There’s a farm back there.”

Howard Stern was not happy about Oprah showing off her wealth on social media. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

While He Slammed How She Flaunts Her Money, Stern Applauded Oprah’s Charity Work

Stern did however commend Oprah’s charity work, specifically with her boarding school. Every year she invites some of the students to her house for Thanksgiving.

“I think they believe Oprah’s God because she gives them an education. She gives them meals, don’t ask. They love her. And it’s impressive. I gotta be honest. I mean, it’s real charity work,” he said.

Is there anything more relatable than one millionaire telling another millionaire how to handle having millions of dollars?

If that doesn’t make you yearn for the old Howard Stern, I’m not sure what will.

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  1. Stern used to be the guy who fought against the establishment. He would call out racism where it existed.
    Today, Stern is the liberal establishment that hates wealthy people when they are more wealthy than him.
    To tell the truth, If my wife picks the right 6 tonight, I’m not going to flaunt, but I would not be ashamed of wealth, especially because that old pervert has an opinion.

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