Pop Warner Investigating Use Of Racial Slurs In Postgame Altercation Involving Coaches: Video

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Pop Warner has reportedly launched an investigation following an incident in which racial slurs were hurled by a man at coaches of an opposing team. The verbal altercation was caught on video at the Orlando hotel the two teams were staying at.

According to TMZ, the incident involved coaches from the Hamden Hurricanes (CT) and the Highlands Ranch Mountain Lions (CO) following their matchup in the Dic. 2 12U quarterfinals in the Pop Warner National Championship.


The back-and-forth began due to coaches from Highlands Ranch allegedly yelling racial slurs at Hamden throughout the game earlier in the day.

As seen in the video, Hamden coaches are trying to walk away from the situation with one of the men saying that they were told by “the higher ups” to stay out of the way. The person filming the video says “we have more to lose” multiple times in the clip.

Just as Hamden coaches leave the area a man reportedly affiliated with Highlands Ranch began shouting and pointing his finger at the coaches before saying “fu–ing n—–s.”

Pop Warner released a statement to TMZ saying “the disturbing behavior shown in the video is inconsistent with our code of conduct and the expectations we have of our adult volunteers.”

“One thing is clear: the abhorrent conduct and language exhibited in this video are unacceptable. Our organization is committed to a safe, inclusive, and positive environment for all young people and their families.”

Pop Warner is set to hold a hearing about the situation and if the man is affiliated with a team he will face discipline.

Written by Mark Harris

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  1. The heavy hand of Pop Warner gonna get him…C’mon, guy is a documented bigot for life which is now immortalized on the internet…That’s better than anything PW can do…Just feel sorry for any kids that idiot may have influence over…

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