BYU Investigation Finds No Evidence Of Fans Hurling Racial Slurs At Duke’s Rachel Richardson

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BYU conducted an investigation looking into allegations made by Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson that fans hurled racial slurs at her during a match on August 26. The university’s investigation found no evidence to support Richardson’s allegations.

The investigation’s conclusion comes as countless holes have been discovered in regard to the severe allegations made by Richardson. National media outlets blindly supported Richardson’s claims without doing any research. And now, BYU states there is zero evidence of any racial slurs.

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Rachel Richardson’s Story Is Falling Apart

During the match, Richardson said that she heard racial slurs while serving in front of the Cougars’ student section. Richardson told Duke coach Jolene Nagel of these alleged slurs. Nagel then addressed the allegations with BYU coach Heather Olmstead.

A police officer and ushers immediately went into the student section. Richardson claimed later that she heard more intense slurs during the fourth set of the match. BYU proceeded to ban a fan, who is not a student, after Duke alleged the fan had used the N-word.

BYU dropped that ban on Friday. An officer stationed in the arena previously said that the fan likely had special needs and was not heard yelling anything inappropriate at Duke players.

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BYU Investigation Finds No Evidence Supporting Rachel Richardson’s Racism Allegations

The university’s investigation included interviews with more than 50 eyewitnesses including players from both teams and athletic department staff. BYU also stated that it extensively reviewed video and audio from the match.

“From our extensive review, we have not found any evidence to corroborate the allegation that fans engaged in racial heckling or uttered racial slurs at the event,” BYU’s statement read in part. “As we stated earlier, we would not tolerate any conduct that would make a student-athlete feel unsafe. That is the reason for our immediate response and our thorough investigation.”

BYU also addressed those who will inevitably say it was selective in its investigation.

“There will be some who assume we are being selective in our review. To the contrary, we have tried to be as thorough as possible in our investigation, and we renew our invitation for anyone with evidence contrary to our findings to come forward and share it.”

“Despite being unable to find supporting evidence of racial slurs in the many recordings and interviews, we hope that all those involved will understand our sincere efforts to ensure that all student-athletes competing at BYU feel safe.

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Outside of Richardson’s godmother, who has a laundry list worth of racist rhetoric on social media, not one person has corroborated her story.

BYU went into desperation mode following the allegations in order to avoid backlash from the liberal media who screamed racism without evidence. You can’t blame the university given the current state of the country. But the fact is, BYU conducted a by-the-book investigation to find that Richardson’s allegations were bogus.

Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Nina King released a statement in response to BYU’s investigation. King’s statement in no way addresses Richardson’s allegations or BYU’s findings but included ‘#HateWontLiveHere.’

The 18 members of the Duke University volleyball team are exceptionally strong women who represent themselves, their families, and Duke University with the utmost integrity,” the statement reads. “We unequivocally stand with and champion them, especially when their character is called into question.  Duke Athletics believes in respect, equality and inclusiveness, and we do not tolerate hate and bias.”  #HateWontLiveHere”

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Yes, you can blame BYU for its handling of this hoax. They should have come right out right away and defended the individual and the school. And they should have suspended Tom Holmoe and forced him to apologize to the students for caving to the woke mob. This s$$t has to stop.

  2. It’s called “Reparational Hoaxing” … in repayment for Slavery 150+ years ago, blacks get to make-up this crap whenever it suits a purpose … in this case, the Duke player’s godmother – a known race hustler running for a judgeship in Texas.
    Somewhere un upstate New York Tawana Brawley is laughing and reminding one and all that She (and Rev Al) were The First!

  3. Tawana Brawley came to my mind right away. Richardson is a very slightly sanitized version of Brawley. But like others have stated, nothing will happen and the fruity far left will continue to say it happened regardless of facts.
    Duke sucks and so do all the White princesses who wore their support Richardson shirts. If racist godmother gets a judgeship, God help any White person brought before her.

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