Vladimir Putin Appears Furious Waiting For Fellow Dictator Erdogan

Russian leader Vladimir Putin didn't appear to be pleased waiting to meet Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

The two dictators met in Iran, and the strongman from Moscow looked livid as Erdogan left him waiting for nearly a minute.

For those of you who don't know, both of these men are absolutely terrible. Putin is currently waging a war of aggression against the people of Ukraine, and it's been brutal.

The fighting on the ground in Ukraine has been nothing short of appalling. He's a horrible man. The Russian dictator kills dissidents, journalists die under his watch and the people of Russia lack real freedom.

Meanwhile, Erdogan has managed to seize more and more power in Turkey with every passing day. The worst part is Turkey is a NATO ally, but its leader is an absolute loon.

Remember when his own military attempted to get rid of him in a coup in 2016? Yeah, it's a damn shame that didn't work!

Now, the two men got into a bizarre power move standoff with Putin being on the losing end. Given how evil Putin can be, I'm not sure he's a man you want holding a grudge against you!

In fact, he's probably the last guy you want a beef with!

Of course, you'll never see us shed tears over dictators being upset. This is America. In this country, we mock and ridicule dictators because that's what freedom is all about.

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