Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Irina Shayk Denies Supporting Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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Sometimes a salad is just a salad. This is true. And sometimes a salad is used as a sneaky way of supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The question is what was former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Irina Shayk intention when she shared a picture of a salad.

The salad itself isn’t the issue. Some are questioning the spelling in the caption of the picture she recently shared on her Instagram Story. The caption read, “Russianzz on Wednaday.”

Image/Irina Shayk’s Instagram Story

The use of the letter “Z” by the Russian model in the caption raised some eyebrows. The letter has been painted on Russian military vehicles during the war in Ukraine and has been used by those showing support for the Russian military.

She says she had no political message whatsoever included with her salad

So is the lovely Irina Shayk showing support for the Russian invasion? Or the Russian military? According to the 36-year-old, the answer is no. She had no political message whatsoever included with her salad.

Shayk deleted the picture of the salad and then posted a message hoping to clear up any miscommunication. Her message reads, “Sometimes a salad is just a salad.”

The message continues, “I promise: no coded messages or political commentary here. Wishing everyone love.”

Image/Irina Shayk’s Instagram Story

Is Shayk telling the truth here? Did she not know that the letter “Z” was being used to show support for Russia? I couldn’t tell you. I tend to believe it was an honest mistake.

It would probably be almost impossible for her not to know about the letter’s use, I know this. But I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Is that because she looks good in a bikini? Not entirely. I will admit that it might play a small role in my decision to overlook this, or at least give her a second chance.

Good thing these kinds of things aren’t left up to me to decide. I’ve put both sides on the table, given you a peak inside this twisted mind, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide where you land on this one.

I will leave with a reminder of some of her work. Take it or leave it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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