Playboy Slid Into Speed Skater Alexandra Ianculescu’s DMs

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Canadian speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu could soon be adding Playboy to the list of ways she’s funding her transition from speed skater to cycler. That’s because the men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine slid into her DMs earlier this week.

Ianculescu is currently creating content when she isn’t training on OnlyFans to help fund her Olympic dreams. She joined the subscription-based content site back in 2021 after a friend suggested that she do so.

The 31-year-old athlete explained herself to her Instagram followers in November of last year, then made headlines in April when the internet discovered that was attempting to compete in the Summer Olympics in cycling. And using OnlyFans to fund the attempt.

Playboy Slid Into Canadian Olympic Speed Skater Alexandra Ianculescu's DMs
Winter Olympian funding her Summer Games dreams with OnlyFans (Image Credit: Alexandra Ianculescu/Instagram)

Those headlines, undoubtedly, landed her on Playboy’s radar. They have their own OnlyFans-style platform which isn’t open for everyone. They choose who can create content on their site.

On Tuesday morning Ianculescu tweeted, “How my Tuesday morning started. First a text from the official @Playboy, followed by a gravel ride for breakfast, with Narnia’s local legend.”

There were three images attached to the tweet. Two were of her riding a bike and the third was a screenshot of the DM that Playboy had sent. Ianculescu added the eyeballs emoji to the image for dramatic effect.

The DM simply reads, “Hi Alexandra! This is [name marked through on the screenshot] from Playboy.”

Is This Canadian Speed Skater About To Add Playboy Creator To Her Resume?

Long gone are the days where an appearance in Playboy could send someone’s career through the roof. But the name still carries some weight.

Everyone remembers the brand’s run and all of the content they created over the years. Besides, joining an exclusive club where you have to be asked to join or approved by the site is always fun.

Not everyone, even these days, can say they were a Playboy model or were invited to join their platform.

Who knows? Maybe Ianculescu fools around and lands a sponsorship deal to help out with her cycling dream.

Written by Sean Joseph

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