Plane Door Comes Open Mid-Flight In Terrifying Video

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A Brazilian band suffered an absolutely horrifying moment mid-flight.

The band for singer-songwriter Tierry had to make an emergency landing after a door on the Bandeirante EMB-110 came open during a flight from Sao Luis to Salvador city, according to the New York Post. Tierry was not on the plane and had flown out earlier, according to the same report.

Video of the incident shows the back door wide open, but to the credit of the band members aboard the craft, nobody seemed to be panicking.

You can check out the downright shocking and terrifying footage below.

This is a nightmare scenario for anyone on a plane.

A door coming open during the middle of a flight is about the worst possible thing that could happen. It could cause the plane to rapidly descend and lose pressure.

Pilots will often immediately drop oxygen masks and try to rapidly descend in order to get below a certain altitude. Otherwise, everyone on the plane could be met with disaster.

This also isn’t the first door we’ve seen recently come open on a plane. A passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight attempted a door while the plane was descending to land in Daegu, South Korea.

Fortunately, the plane was low enough that it didn’t do anything other than really scare people.

Nobody appeared to panic.

By far and away, the most impressive thing about this video is the fact the passengers didn’t seem flustered at all.

Tierry’s band members must have absolute ice in their veins. The back door was wide open, an emergency was unfolding and they were just sitting there like nothing major was happening

The door was open, folks. The door was open! Yet, they kept their composure. A lot of people probably think they’d be composed as well. Well, you just don’t know until you’re there.

Plane door on band’s plane comes open mid-flight. (Credit: Getty Images)

These men were as calm and collected as could be. They definitely earned some ice cold beers after the fact with that performance.

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